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Improving the usability of a company's intranet can save millions of dollars through increased employee productivity .
It is possible to make hard-nosed economic arguments for some parts of non-commercial websites. Another example of how improved usability translates into economic value is in recruiting new staff.
VA employment page as tested in 2007 (showing only the main content area in the center of the page). All experience shows that some users will be confused by the mismatched vocabulary, which violates one of the oldest usability guidelines: that of consistency.
It therefore costs $38,000 to identify the 34 usability problems that will be fixed, or $1,118 per problem.
The organization's website, published reports, and other information thus have a value that should be greater than the money spent creating this information, or the organization is mismanaging its budget. Thus, when we double the number of readers and increase their understanding of the website's content, we have doubled the value of having this information on the Web. The ROI argument is the same for intranet usability, regardless of whether the intranet is in the commercial, non-profit, or public sector.
Government agencies often have the best argument for improving intranet usability because they tend to be big organizations with many employees, meaning that the value of time savings multiplies into big numbers.
Your project may not be commercial, but you're still spending money on your website and intranet and can add value by improving their designs. Government agencies typically realize immense ROI from usability projects because they operate on a large scale with millions of website users and thousands or hundreds of thousands of intranet users.

Non-profit organizations are often smaller, but typically depend on donations, which they can increase substantially through user-centered website design. It's a fallacy to believe that usability is only a concern for the commercial sector, just because that's where you find most high-visibility usability projects and hear tales of windfall profits from site improvements. Giant job compilation sites, such as Indeed and Simply Hired, which list openings across the USA in all careers, represent another great place to stop and shop for elearning jobs. Searching the “Careers” section of large online school websites is a good idea, as well as a useful way to find out what the minimum requirements and payment schedules are for online faculty.
While it may not be the snazziest website in terms of visual design, Adjunct Professor Online pulls new jobs postings into one large running RSS feed. If you want to find a job in the United States you can make use of the different online employment bureaus we list further down, in them you will see the different job opportunities as well as the requirements you must meet for every job and the address you have to send your resume to. This employment bureau is very easy, simple and quick to use and in no time you will see a list of job offers that are of your interest, just fill in the details requested by the search engine.
In one example, a state agency could get an ROI of 22,000% by fixing a basic usability problem.
Obviously, the actual donation pages should follow usability guidelines for registration and checkout.
Last month, we tested sites for a study aimed at generating new material for our seminar on how an organization should present information about itself on its website. Other usability issues will be harder to fix and thus have lower ROI; still, it's common to find ROIs of 1,000% or more. In other words, the value we have imputed through steps 1-3 comes from having people read and understand the website.

Our studies of simplifying online information show that user understanding increases substantially when websites are rewritten according to usability guidelines.
The more people who can answer their own questions directly on the website, the fewer calls your organization will get. In all cases, intranet usability leads to increased employee productivity, which is worth money. However, these non-profits should pay even more attention to intranet usability, because good volunteers are a precious resource. The public sector and the non-profit sector also benefit immensely from usability, even if the calculation of benefits is sometimes slightly different. There are plenty of employment sites out there that are virtual-job friendly, and some even specifically cater to online instructors!
A usability review costs $38,000 and identifies 68 usability problems on the average website.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service — which was one of our top government intranets — saved 200 staff years by improving its intranet's usability. Anytime you find yourself writing such instructions, you know you have a usability problem. If you believe in your materials, you should want to sell more; the increased revenues will more than pay for the usability improvements.

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