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Perhaps the most interesting results are for “social media marketing,” which had only one social media-focused role in its top five job titles, three generalist positions, and one non-marketing role (Recruiter). Since few roles would actually have “Google Analytics” in the title, it’s not surprising that the top job titles for that search are so varied. These numbers changed a bit when looking at keywords within the job title, as opposed to anywhere in the job listing. You can search for a job title at a property, modify it, create a new entry or delete the job title.
When the OPP_MHOT PMS Multi-property add-on license is active, you may create templates for job titles (when the Template radio button is selected). When the Property radio button is selected and you have chosen a property, you may then edit the job title for the purposes of that specific property.

To add a new job title, select the New button (available when the Template radio button is selected).
Following are general descriptions of USPTA ratings and the job titles that most likely correspond to them.
Of the 20 most popular job titles within that data set, most job descriptions called for a broad range of marketing skills. While you might expect to see a majority of specialist roles for these search queries such as Social Media Manager or PPC Specialist, most of the job titles are for generalist roles such as Digital Marketing Manager. Domeyer cautions employers to not go overboard with listing too many requirements in job descriptions, which can deter good candidates from applying. Notice that the salaries for “SEO,” “content marketing,” and "Google Analytics" increased when the keyword was in the job title.

When you select the Job Titles option from the menu, the existing job title codes and their descriptions display.
Use the Template option to define job titles that can be copied to individual properties if the OPP_MHOT PMS Multi-property add-on license code is active.

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