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The successes and challenges companies who are proponents of veteran employment have experienced highlight areas where civilian employers and federal agencies can take steps to increase veteran opportunities in the workplace. Participate in federal resources and programs, such as the Veterans Employment Center and SkillBridge, which help address many of the veteran employment challenges that companies experience and can increase employer visibility within the veteran community. Federal agencies have established a number of programs to facilitate and support veteran employment. DoD should encourage transitioning service members to register early in the Veterans Employment Center to engage with potential civilian employers and take advantage of the many resources available. Employers use a variety of recruitment activities and vehicles to attract, select, and hire veterans, such as veteran-specific job fairs, on-base recruiting, specially trained recruiters, employee referrals, veteran-specific employment websites and pages on company websites, and general outreach to the veteran community.

Companies committed to veteran employment focus primarily on recruitment, directing less effort to managing or retaining veteran employees after hiring them. This is a critical challenge to successful veteran employment programs; companies must ensure that both recruiters and local managers appreciate what a veteran applicant could contribute to their workplace.
Some of these efforts can be further leveraged or expanded to improve veteran employment opportunities. RAND recently investigated veteran employment from the perspective of employers who have committed to employing veterans and learned that, while success stories abound, both industry and government can do more to expand and improve employment opportunities for America's veterans.
The Department of Veterans Affairs' Veterans Employment Center, for example, is an online registry of veterans, transitioning service members, and employment opportunities that also provides employment information and resources, including skill translators and resume-building tools.

SkillBridge, a DoD-sponsored program, permits transitioning service members to participate in employment training or internships in the civilian workplace. More-detailed information about performance and retention could confirm the positive aspects of veteran employment, validate their return on investment, and provide the most compelling basis to continue hiring veterans.
And the veterans themselves need a better understanding of the civilian job market and the positions for which they are qualified — particularly how they might fit into companies outside of traditional defense contractors.

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