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Numerous concerns and red flags should be considered before using social media for various purposes.
While some employers may believe that social media portrays a more real picture of their current employee or applicant for employment, both California and Nevada have drawn a line that an employer must not cross.
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In our White Paper, "10 Ways to Optimize Healthcare Recruiting and Onboarding Processes," a panel of 8 healthcare experts discuss the top ten best practices for optimizing your hiring processes to help you meet your goals. Over the years, there have been conflicting views regarding the use of social media during the employment screening process. Employers performing online research on job applicants, however, may come across legally protected information that’s not to be obtained in the hiring process, such as religious affiliation and sexual orientation.
While employers are right to take caution given the EEOC’s guidelines, the literature also paints a dark picture for the use of social media in the hiring process. By contrast, the juxtaposition of political party affiliations yielded interesting results. Even with such precautions, however, employers aren’t secure from the current bylaws and regulations enforced by the EEOC.
Acquisti, Alessandro and Fong, Christina M., An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination Via Online Social Networks (November 21, 2013).
For example, by now it is common knowledge that many employers will look to social media to learn whatever they can about an employee or a potential job candidate.

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I recently wrote an article discussing six red flags social media employment screening can uncover. A 2013 study by two Carnegie Mellon University researchers, Alessandro Acquisti and Christina M. Using the Gallup polling results from the 2012 presidential election, in states and counties with predominately Republican supporters, the Muslim candidates were nearly three times less likely to be invited for an interview than its Christian counterpart.
If applicants discover any personal information was obtained online through social media sites, a breach in privacy could be argued. While platforms such as Facebook have been around for more than a decade, the law on the matter is just beginning to catch up. While many people have realized this and, in turn, have updated their privacy settings accordingly, many haven’t caught on and have very inappropriate information on social media sites for all to see which could end up costing them a job.
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EAT held that a dismissal for bringing the service into disrepute was fair in the circumstances.

Considering the impending risks of performing online research on applicants, many employers are hesitant to conduct any type of social media screening in the hiring process in order to avoid legal ramifications.
A third-party entity would be prohibited from relaying any legally protected information to the hiring manager. Employers must be aware of the developing legal landscape surrounding new technologies, especially as they relate to social media. On the other hand, even though many people have set their social media pages to “private,” many employers still want to know what is on these mostly public forums. In the experiment, Acquisti and Fong submitted resumes and cover letters to actual job offers on behalf of fictional candidates. After collecting the number of callbacks the applicants received, the results found no significant differences between the gay or straight candidate. Employers must have a consistent search criterion and evaluate each candidate equally while being able to justify its relevance to the applicant’s position. While this is tempting and may be a great source of information, business owners need to realize that they could face severe penalties if they pursue access to these social media pages too aggressively.
False social media profiles were then created so that a web search would generate their sites as results. Collectively, the study found that Christian candidates received a 16% higher rate of callbacks than the identical Muslim candidate—which researchers deemed statistically insignificant.

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