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Average Email Marketing Manager salaries for job postings in Denver, CO are 4% lower than average Email Marketing Manager salaries for job postings nationwide. Read on to learn how to upgrade your email to be more trusted, more relevant, and more conversational. 64% of companies indicated their organizations' investment in email marketing was expected to increase in 2013.
Jay Baer, author of Youtility, says that 58% percent of adult Americans check email first thing in the morning. Marketo’s Benchmark on Email Marketing study showed that a clear opt-in method increases trust by 10%, while cheap shortcuts, such as using third-party lists and data vendors, actually decrease trust by 10%.
In fact, MarketingSherpa asked CMOs and senior marketing executives about the importance of various factors in measuring the value of email marketing programs, and found a shift in the factors used by CMOs.
Become more trusted, relevant, and conversational by downloading our 150+ page Definitive Guide to Engaging Email!
Learn how to optimize your targeted email marketing campaigns with the Marketo Engaging Email Marketing Success Kit.
A great email helps you engage your customer and deliver your message, which can make a difference between a click-through and a direct route to your website or losing a customer’s interest and being sent to the spam folder.
Email is a tried and true way for marketers to connect with their customers and potential customers. Most brands still prefer to communicate via email, and in a recent survey, 77% of consumers said they like marketing through email best.
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) will have a sizeable impact on marketers all over the globe, and it’s crucial to arm your marketing department with all of the facts. In this ebook, we’ll explain how marketers can cultivate respect for their consumers, stay in compliance with laws governing email and cookie collection, and execute on highly effective marketing programs. A really good email is often the difference between a click-through and a direct route into the spam folder. Check out this cutting edge webinar with Kraig Kleeman and Jon Miller to master the art of cold calling, get best practices for email marketing, and generate higher quality leads! Check out this webinar with DJ Waldow and Kiersti Esparza to discover the latest and greatest best practices for email deliverability! Watch this New Rules of Marketing Virtual Event session with Jon Miller on how to graduate from email service providers to marketing automation!

Email marketing has come a long way from its early days when marketers would buy a list and release an impersonal and irrelevant blast campaign to anyone they could. Information is abundantly, overwhelmingly available, and buyers are using that easy access to tune out unwanted marketing messages while simultaneously seizing control of their buying processes. Set expectations during an opt-in process, and then consistently fulfill those expectations with every email you send.
Offer them the ability to sign up for emails on certain subjects versus others, or for a weekly digest versus a daily message.
According to a 2013 MarketingSherpa study, the most common by far is to ask for an email address on the website, with social sharing buttons in email and offline events the second and third most popular. To create more engaging email marketing, it’s time to abandon the idea of batch and blast, and enter into a relationship-oriented mindset that continuously builds engagement with consumers, one by one and over time. Just like a real-world conversation, an engaging email doesn’t just talk to a recipient; it also gives him a reason and an opportunity to respond, and fits into a broader conversational arc. He jumps from an email to social to your website to your 1-800 number, and then back to social media, all without losing momentum. This is good news for email marketers, because it means they’re leading the evolutionary march toward true cross-channel coordination. It’s no secret that top executives don’t really care about the Open Rate or Click-Through Rate of your last email campaign. Your emails must be coordinated with interactions from every marketing channel, so that your customers’ experiences are consistent and progressive.
Always use the right metrics to measure your email marketing tactics and assess their effectiveness and worth. Today’s buyer shifts rapidly and continually across channels, engaging with email one moment and with social the next. Automated marketing platforms are designed to engage and convert your subscribers within and beyond your email efforts. Commercial email marketing evolved out of the traditional direct-mail mindset, which is all about big campaigns sent to many, on the marketer’s schedule, not the buyer’s.
Discover how to maximize engagement and deliverability, improve email programs, and develop emails for the mobile device.
As email has matured as a channel, so has the ability to personalize and design emails—now customers expect an engaging email to include these features.

Product Marketing Manager at Marketo, on how you can test your emails easily and effectively! Matt Zilli presents great tips and best practices for making your email communications more individualized and in turn, create personalized conversations with buyers that drive results.
Companies now have access to social media, direct mail, and TV opportunities to communicate their message, but email marketing is still the quickest and most direct way to reach the customer. Email service providers (ESPs) can’t deliver the behaviorally targeted engagement needed to stay relevant. Check out this webinar recording to discover how marketing automation can increase the effectiveness of your email strategy and turbo-charge your campaigns.
Compare that to other channels, such as search engine marketing is the next closest at $22.44. Delivering an integrated consumer experience requires companies to break down these organizational and technological silos and plan their cross-channel marketing around the customer. When you successfully transition social followers into email subscribers, your email marketing list gets bigger, and your subscriber loyalty grows.
Download this lookbook to examine a variety of emails—from Welcome emails to Reengagement emails—and learn about the best practices that surround them.
We've also included some best practices on how to improve your email performance with personalization, testing, optimization and more! A batch and blast email strategy is, indeed, like an explosion — a violent shattering that results in more damage than benefit. And when you drive your email subscribers to your social feeds, you create deeper engagement. Sure, they can customize emails, but they aren’t built to facilitate evolving and customized two-way conversations between a company and each individual consumer. Traditional ESPs have made modest attempts to integrate other capabilities such as social, but without the backbone to support true cross-channel marketing, their small fixes don’t address the bigger problem.

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