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Here's a list of Guidelines I use to train my clients on how to use social media wisely. While I dont really like using the word Rules; I have noticed that somecorporations have just jumped into social media without preparing a policy, or a content strategy or have not trained their employees on how to respond to people on social media or how to handle customer service enquiries (or fails). Check your resources and try to find the original source of any content you use - this will help you build trust with your peers.2. Shout out, compliment, acknowledge good practices you seeonline - I am a huge fan of social good and this type of behaviour will make your day so much nicer!

Try to respond to comments and find other blogs in your industry to build relationship with other Bloggers. Make use of share buttons (on your website, on the bottom of each blog post and on other platforms3. Be nice - and if you cant than go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, drink a glass of water - rather than responding inappropriately3. And attend a Blogging event (or any type of networking event) - theyre fun and you will learn a lot!9.

The community manager (or person responsible) HAS to check each account at least twice a day (early mornings and evenings) to ensure that questions are answered, customer service enquiries have been attended to,inappropriate content (such as people posting pictures or spam comments) is removed AND ensure that you are engaging - i.e.

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