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TedEd offers a variation of TED Talks with shorter, often-animated clips of subjects such as science, technology, social studies, literature, language, art, health, psychology, and business and economics. Educators of any level can click on the education category within YouTube and find several subcategories such as university, science, business, and engineering. While acting as a professional social forum for employers to connect with applicants or search for potential employees, LinkedIn is used for so much more than that.
Access millions of documents and hundreds of scientific news feeds by using LabRoots, a social networking site catering to scientists, engineers and technical professionals. The New York Times, Mashable, Wired, and Time magazine among others tout RebelMouse as the best tool for organizing all the social media networks any one individual uses. Another powerful social networking manager, HootSuite makes it easier to access various forms of social media and analyze how valuable the use of one media is over another. We help educators stay up to date with the latest education technology, join the conversations in pedagogy and understand the psychology of a developing mind. Just a few years ago, social networking meant little more to educators than the headache of determining whether to penalize students for inappropriate activities captured on Facebook or MySpace. Though teachers and students are now pushing learning beyond the borders of the classroom through social networking, that move also comes with hurdles, including the fact that many schools still block access to such sites within their walls.
In some schools, social networking has changed the way educators teach and students learn, says Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, the 21st-century-learning specialist at the private, K-8 Martin J.
Social networking can mean using ready-made platforms like Ning or Facebook, but it can also be about networks that schools create specifically for their students.
Social networking among students has become one of Project K-Nect’s most popular features, he says. Social networking is allowing teachers, who often feel isolated in their classrooms, to revolutionize the way they connect with others, says Whitby, a former English teacher who is now an adjunct professor of education for secondary English at St. In fact, Ning, a social-networking platform, is full of sites dedicated to different specialties—everything from geography to teaching English as a second language or first-year teachers. Teacher Shelly Terrell, who writes the blog Teacher Reboot Camp, says she’s found value in different types of social-networking sites when it comes to professional development. But many educators who see the value in social networking face significant obstacles to incorporating it into their school days.

In addition, some district officials remain skeptical that such social-networking tools really benefit education, worried that they just open the door to Internet-security problems and the possibility of cyberbullying. But it remains unclear what all of that means for social-networking tools and sites being used for purely educational purposes. Montana Miller, an assistant professor of popular culture at Bowling Green State University, in Ohio, and a Facebook expert, says not only have educators put their careers at risk with inappropriate exchanges with students on sites like Facebook, but shealso believes it’s not the sort of place for any educational exchange. In fact, most social-networking sites like Facebook and Ning require users to be at least 13 to participate.
But Terrell says fears about how to proceed with social-networking sites and tools should not prevent educators from using them.
This year I have been given the opportunity to talk about the potential role of social media in medical education. As learning becomes more and more social, social media sites (or sites that allow for connections) will become the classrooms of the future.
Social media brings the world to the classroom and enables students to communicate across the world. Social Media is an affordable-personal-printing-press with built in global distribution capabilities. I think that the role of social media in education as it seems to playing out at this point seems to be two fold.
Social media in education is simply a new tool for timeless goals: to connect, share, and create with our school community.
So, to simplify this daunting task for teachers, the following list consists of the best social media for teachers.
Chalkboard is an educational theme that prepares students for learning and helps teachers outline goals and objectives while still providing great visuals. Having students post professional resumes there and then contacting them about the job market and the business world around them keeps them in touch with reality and the endless possibilities through a targeted education. Teachers can use it for themselves in order to keep up-to-date on bizarre and informative social networking but also for posting their own videos or sharing some of the unique videos available through DailyMotion.
Sometimes getting caught up in the social media craze can be overwhelming so using HootSuite helps make sense all the media at the same time.

School officials must also confront the uncertainties and questions surrounding privacy issues, proper management, and cyber security when they open their doors to social-networking sites. Education officials should also consider other federal laws like the Children’s Internet Protection Act, or CIPA, which requires schools to provide Internet filtering to prevent access by students to offensive content over the Internet, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, which protects the privacy of student information.
That’s why private wikis or blogs or other social-networking tools designed for school use can often be more beneficial in such situations, says Terrell, the teacher and blogger. The blog topics are never stale and include many different perspectives on social media with recent topics including a school’s internal audiences, community managers, and making time to blog.
Social media breaks down time, distance and accessibility barriers and brings many opportunities for learning to happen anywhere, anytime. On the curricular side of things, I see the role of social media and collaborative tools that allow students and teachers to connect and share ideas as being an extension of class discussions by extending the possibility of sharing beyond the classroom walls. Whether in the classroom or for marketing a school or for connecting with fellow educators, social media forges new ties and exchanges content in meaningful ways that would have not been possible a few years ago. One thing I think social media does for education is bring real-time case studies to students.
Using Social media students can get many benefits they can also using social media for searching jobs and finding accommodation if leaving outside. She built a social-networking site using Ning for teachers from all countries who wanted to participate, eventually attracting 300 members. For institutions, however, the impact social media is having and the potential it will have on changing the a) marketing of our schools, b) the professional development of educators, and c) the teaching and learning happening in our schools is profound. Social media will help break down the walls of our current system and expand the opportunity for learning. By introducing students to social media early, they are able to grow their professional networks while in college, making the job search process post school less stressful.

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