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Average Dupre Logistics salaries for job postings nationwide are 29% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.
Currently, more than 900 total drivers comprise the Dupre Logistics family — but our business is ever-growing. Dupre Logistics enables manufacturers and distributors to eliminate the invisible costs that occur in their distribution and supply chain.
Currently, more than 800 total drivers comprise the Dupre Logistics family — but our business is ever-growing.
Dupre Logistics, formerly known as Dupre Transport, made a name for itself as a Louisiana-based fuel transporter with service hubs throughout the Southeastern United States.

Using the “Always forward thinking” tag, BBR launched an integrated branding campaign that clearly stated Dupre’s capabilities and safe service mantra to existing and potential clients. After a yearlong development phase, the partnership between BBR and Dupre Logistics successfully built a cohesive, integrated brand campaign, allowing the company room to grow.
But over the years, the company grew into a full-service provider with service offerings that include third-party logistics planning, strategic capacity solutions as well as its flagship fuel transportation segment.
Dupre turned to BBR for a corporate rebranding that would not only exemplify the company’s full-service nature, but also solidify the company that would be renamed Dupre Logistics as a leader in safe strategic planning and implementation that saves both time and money. BBR also developed a new website, corporate brochure, print advertisements and implemented a public relations strategy that netted Dupre placement in high-profile trade publications.

For the campaign, BBR designed and outlined new company-wide graphic standards, refined the Dupre Logistics logo and revamped internal employee communication.

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