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According to a recent article in the New York Times, an increasingly large number of American doctors are leaving private practices and accepting salaried jobs at hospitals. Not all doctors may be comfortable with maintaining a private practice under a changing system. Though the hope is that a move away from the fee-for-service model will lead to lower health costs, some worry that the move toward salaried jobs will stem that effect for the time being. That's because some hospitals may end up using financial incentives to attract these doctors.

On behalf of our Client, a well-established and well-respected Health System in Berks County, PA, we are seeking physicians to fill several positions.
Consider, for example, changes in the ways doctors are getting paid—and the types of jobs they are taking.
For example, the news source mentioned that institutions are offering bonuses based on how much billing each doctor generates. For years, doctors could bill insurance companies and Medicare for each procedure that they performed.

Scribes are trained to handle medical documentation and other tasks, and as this blog has mentioned in the past, they can help doctors deal with increasingly heavy workloads.
However, concerns over the rising cost of care is pushing insurers away from that system and toward one that rewards doctors based on quality of care.

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