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Although Netflix separated its unlimited streaming and DVD services in its new pricing plans, Gary Cohen, Redbox's SVP of marketing and customer experience, says his company is only focused on physical media options. Before the consumer uproar over the pricing plan, more companies began to roll out streaming services to compete with Netflix. The company's surprise announcement to leave the marketing applications business could become a trend among enterprise software vendors.

This session entails the role and importance of public relations, sponsorship, direct marketing and packaging in advertising.
Not only is Facebook swallowing up our time, but it’s redefining our choices and driving our preferences-which means that companies that are trying to go it alone in the social media landscape, now have to compete for attention and eyeballs of people that prefer to play inside the walls of Facebook only! Both companies had traffic and users, and both applications were free, but the problem was, they could not figure out how to make a living off of a social utility.

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