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Our white papers provide new perspectives and address breakthrough approaches for financial services marketers. Using our Business Acquisition Marketing System (BAMS), we help banks and other financial services companies profitably grow their small business franchises, including deposits, loans and cash management services. Using our Consumer Acquisition Marketing System (CAMS), we help banks and other financial services companies profitably grow their consumer franchises, including deposits, loans, investments and insurance.
Ten years ago, we sought to create a direct marketing agency that would deliver unparalleled returns on marketing investments for financial services companies. By combining financial services industry expertise with marketing sciences and creative expertise, we formed a new kind of agency. Recent findings show that the use of Display Ads in Digital Marketing for Insurance Companies is nine times more effective at generating awareness than television, print or radio.

The reason for this is that many insurance companies are under utilizing display as a channel to generate awareness and direct conversion. Another large reason that Display Advertising is so effective for insurance companies can be attributed to the ability to micro target and personalize. These more relevant and personalized approaches for display ads increase their visibility as well as drive action from those who are viewing successfully placed creative and messaging.
To learn more about how we can drive greater awareness and new business for your insurance company, please call, email or fill out our online form.
Acumen Studio - Digital Marketing, Innovative Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing & Analytics. We specialize in what we believe are the most measurable marketing mediums, direct mail and online.

Insurance is a topic that requires extended concentration and careful consideration before making a purchase decision. Our distinctive capabilities enable banks, investment firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions to profitably acquire, cross-sell and retain consumer and small business relationships. Power Direct has successfully applied the Science of Front-Door Marketing to generate sales for marquee names such as Anthem, Blue Cross, Allstate, and Nationwide. We chose the maximum amount of drugs and pharmaceutical goods, so to speak, for all occasions.

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