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From the My Account area, you can turn your search on and off, or delete it when you no longer need it. Wherever you are, digital media is playing an increasingly bigger role in the marketplace and in global culture. Prove your English skills with Cambridge English and study at the university of your choice Sign up now!
If your dream is to study abroad and learn to speak English at an American university or college, you’re in the right place! 7 Tips for Student Veterans on How to Successfully Finish College As a student veteran there are certain things that can be done to ensure you have a successfull college career. Betti Schlagel, AA in Business Administration, Class of 2015 Betti Schlagel was running her own business when the recession hit and forced her to find a new career. Advertising Manager Salary and Job Outlook from New England College Discover career paths and salary potential for an advertising manager with a bachelors in marketing degree online. 7 Blogs Criminal Justice Students Will Love These websites will help you stay up-to-date on the latest in security and law enforcement. Crime Scene Investigator Career Outlook and Salary Learn about the outlook and salary for Crime Scene Investigators in local, state and federal agencies. Police Officer Career Outlook and Salary Learn about the primary role and skills for police officers in local, state and federal agencies. The Psychology of Volunteering Volunteering can bring physical and mental health benefits and researchers found may even help people live longer. Guide to Sociology Careers The study of human interaction and behavior encompasses a large spectrum of topics and touches on nearly all aspects of society. Social Worker Career Outlook and Salary Social workers are employed in a variety of fields such as clinical, healthcare, substance abuse or family services.

New England College Graduates Second Class of 100% Online Students, Supported by Bisk Education On May 16, 2015, regionally accredited New England College held its 68th commencement ceremony. Federal Agents Announce Massive Synthetic Drugs Seizure Federal agents announced their largest seizure of synthetic drugs, with $51 million in cash and assets in 35 states. Study: 65% of New Jobs Will Require College Education A recent report claims by the end of 2019, two-thirds of available jobs will require some college-level education.
With the expansion of the technology industry and the advent of the digital age, jobs for computer programmers have expanded even as the nation’s economy has struggled to pull itself out of a recession.
The number of computer programmers nationwide should expand by about 12% between 2010 and 2020, according to the U.S. Computer programmers made an average median salary of more than $71,000 in 2010, according to BLS figures. Career and salary potential will vary based on numerous factors, including geographic location, experience level and educational qualifications. Typically, aspiring programmers earn bachelor’s degrees in computer science, learning to write code and debug computer programs. In order to remain effective, programmers must keep up with the latest changes and innovations in computing language even after attaining their degree. With outsourcing on the rise, you can work for a prestigious international company from just about anywhere. Digital Media Workers Are In Demand Career skills in demand include digital video, animation, audio, web design, graphic design, video and interactive multimedia, to name a few. Tips To Fitting An Online Education Into Your Life From the first moment you lay eyes on your newborn it’s clear: Being a mom is the best full-time job in the world.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued new guidelines distinguishing between apps that require regulation. Software developers and engineers write the programs, which programmers translate into instructions for the computer.

However, the continuing growth of the computer software business should translate into enough jobs for both overseas and American workers, according to the BLS. Programmers also are called in to debug and find the problems with programs when they are not functioning properly. Increasingly, programmers are handling duties relating to mobile applications and other Internet-based software applications. Those include information technology specialist and computer systems programming specialist. Two new certificate programs are offered in Digital Media Freelance and Digital Media Post-production. At the College’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology, students in a 3D Character Animation class work with Autodesk Maya to master the fundamentals of 3D character animation—including techniques, such as posing, timing, weight, anticipation, squash and stretch, overlapping action, and staging.
The program is structured so that students are exposed to the major areas of game design and development—art, programming and producing.
Graduate students in the Master of Arts in Visual Language and Interactive Media study new media theory.
Students are trained in various production programs, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe programs, Pro Tools, and Dreamweaver.
The department partners with local TV station KCSM, giving students access to professionals and real world experience.

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