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The researchers then looked at keyword trends, which job titles appeared most frequently, and average salaries.
The most in-demand job titles identified by the analysis were digital marketing manager and marketing manager. Those roles may be especially hard to fill given the wide range of skills required: Companies seeking marketing managers tend to look for proficiency in several disciplines, including social media marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, Google Analytics, and digital marketing.
Other digital marketing job titles with a high volume of listings are digital marketing specialist, marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, Web developer, account executive, and social media manager.

Job titles containing "SEO" have an average listed salary of $102,000, the highest of any of the digital marketing keywords examined. Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Ayaz Nanji is an independent digital strategist and the co-founder of Inbound ContentWorks, a marketing agency that specializes in content creation for businesses and brands.
Through eight simple to follow, well-defined steps, SmartTools: Email Campaign Planner will help you establish an effective email marketing program to gather and convert leads.

MarketingProfs uses singlesign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you. I will be sharing this with my marketing students at Winona State University in my night class Internet Marketing and Social Media.

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