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The biggest mistake is that everyone thinks social media is just Facebook and Twitter - it isn't. But just like a candy store, it doesn't mean we should eat everything in sight, or in this case tackle every type of social media site all at once just because we are told everyone else is using it. Ever notice that really successful people on the internet or in social media really live their role with passion.
Do some research to see which social media channels are a natural fit for your B2B operation, then go visit a few and watch. Social Media Development or Social Media Marketing has evolved as an important mix for search engine marketing and optimization.
Social Media Development combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube and many others.

You need to leverage all the links and marketing value you can get from social and business networks. Social Media is almost mainstream and it’s no wonder why big brands like Dove are all over it. If regular websites are on a horizontal line, meaning one platform with unlimited number of topics, then think of social media as being a vertical platform, one niche of the web with different types of content but related to one topic. I have seen too many people just dump some marketing copy onto their social media channel and sit back, somehow expecting to see dollars come flying out of their DVD drive.
And, big brands will begin to adopt Social Media Optimization as a part of their ongoing marketing planning and execution. Social media is everything from blogs, to voting sites like VodPod, to image sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket, to video sites like YouTube.

Any social media is a commitment on your part not only to keep adding to the conversation but to also let other speak up or add their opinions to the mix. You will find that a LinkedIn account or YouTube Channel may be more effective to business rather than Facebook or Twitter.
Learn that ALL CAPS IS LIKE SHOUTING AT EVERYONE and "for the best Web Development check out my blog and get 20% off” are examples of bad behavior and just like the social inept geek, you will also be ignored.

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