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Sales jobs hierarchy showcases the different sales job titles in the industry but in a specified ladder of ranks.
Normally people confuse sales and marketing as the same thing, marketing is to market the product so as to provide a solid platform for the sales associate to sell the product. As the name implies, area sales manager handles and manages sales department of an entire area for his company. The lowest job title in the sales job title hierarchy is a sales trainee also referred as sales associates in some companies. According to the the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), sales directors earned a median annual wage of $105,260 in 2012—nearly twice the national average of $45,790.
To help potential applicants better understand how to land one of these lucrative positions and what qualifications employers seek in particular, Software Advice conducted an analysis of 200 sales director job listings. Sixty-two percent of employers want candidates with five to six years sales experience, preferably within the same industry as the hiring firm.
Nearly one-third of employers require specific technical skills, with customer relationship management (CRM) software cited as the most preferred skillset. However, Bowitz points out that a degree still has merit, as it often allows candidates to negotiate a higher starting salary than those without a degree. If you’re seeking a career path that leads to a sales director role and are wondering which field to focus your education in, there are two you should keep in mind. Further reinforcing Wong’s comments on the importance of industry experience, we found that 72 percent of employers in our sample cited industry-specific sales experience as necessary for the position. While a talented salesmen can make the transition from one industry to the next, Wong emphasizes the importance of knowing a particular industry’s unique terminology in order to be successful in a sales director role. Second to industry experience, just over half of employers (55 percent) wanted candidates with prior management experience—somewhat surprising, given the management-heavy responsibilities of a sales director role. According to Jessica Magoch, VP of sales at JPM Partners, this may be an omission by the human resources (HR) employee in charge of writing the job posting, rather than indicative of employer preferences. When we drilled deeper into the data, we found that, among those positions listing a preference for certain technical skills, CRM software appeared in every single one.
However, Bowitz also notes that many sales director candidates have likely been in sales for years, before reliance on technological solutions became as commonplace as it is today. Another important factor for potential sales director candidates we uncovered is job location. While our sample is not necessarily indicative of the entire job market, our findings suggest that relocation may be necessary for candidates who live in less densely populated states, as there may be far fewer available opportunities to select from. While a degree in business or marketing may help you earn a higher salary in a sales director role, our analysis found the most important aspect for this position is several years of relevant sales experience.

This report was compiled from an analysis of 200 sales director job listings, which were pulled from top online job boards, including Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn across all 50 states. When asked what is the most frustrating aspect of your job, respondents’ answers varied.
In terms of job security, when asked how secure they felt in their present position, the vast majority felt secure to very secure. Although I would love to have the title of VP of Sales, if my responsibilities were more in line with the title of Account Executive I could very well give the wrong impression to those I come in contact with. In my opinion its as if a title is being used to make someone sound more important than they really are. Sales associates are hired by the companies to sell their products along with the services. Sales associates are hired in every company whether it is a big enterprise or a small firm. In the corporate sector, this title is also referred as national sales executive, the top manager in the sales jobs hierarchy.
In some companies, this designation is referred to as branch sales manager depending on the company’s level and scale.
They lead a team of sales associates who work under the guidance of sales team leader for the fulfillment of the goals and targets. These are normally fresher graduates who are just at the entry level and looking forward for a bright career in sales field.
Along with an enticing salary, the job outlook for sales directors is also promising: employment is projected to grow 8 percent from 2012 to 2022.
Among the job listings in our sample, a business degree was most preferred (42 percent), followed by a degree in marketing (23 percent). Of the jobs in our sample, 85 percent required three or more years of professional experience, while 62 percent required five or more years of actual sales experience. The graphic below depicts the most frequently used words in this section, which included sales (579 mentions), experience (531 mentions), skills (353 mentions) and ability (311 mentions).
Indeed, 29 percent of employers in our sample mandated CRM experience, while 8 percent listed a knowledge of sales force automation (SFA) software as a preference for landing the role of sales director. SFA came in at a distant second, appearing in 27 percent of job posts that listed a technical skills preference. This may explain why only around a third of postings listed a preference for technical skills.
Not all that surprisingly, the job listings in our sample were concentrated around areas in the U.S.

Applicants should thus consider expanding their job search nationwide, as some employers will pay for relocation costs for the right candidate. As such, candidates may want to prioritize gaining on-the-job sales and management experience over an advanced degree. Search terms used included: Director of Sales, Sales Director, Regional Director of Sales, National Sales Director, Director of Inside Sales and Senior Sales Director. More detailed breakdowns—including gender comparisons and salary differences at supplier vs.
In most instances we have included compensation levels for specific positions based on gender, supplier vs.
Both of which I am sure you’ve come across at some point in your career as a sales person. Build trust and it won’t matter if you are a junior titled sales person or the VP of Sales.
A lot of hard work, dedication and passion is required in a sales associate to achieve the targets in amorous way during the time provided by the company. Minimum of a master’s or bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing is demanded by the companies along with fine years of experience in the same field to provide this designation. A sales team leader is answerable to area sale manager for all the outputs, positive or negative.
This is not surprising, given that a sales director by nature will be tasked with leading a sales team.
This visual further highlights the importance of experience for this role, as discussed earlier in this report. This survey was a follow-up to our R&D Salary Survey, which provides the same insights from those involved directly in product formulation. More often than not it was for a smaller company or a smaller territory then normally seen. The major job duties include making strategic visions and plans for the entire sales department along with providing support and guidance to entire team to work for the company’s profit and success.
The greatest concentration of jobs were located in California (20 percent), Texas (10 percent) and New York (10 percent), while few to no job listings in our sample were from the midwest and northwest regions, with the exception of Illinois; home to the populous city of Chicago.

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