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Average Nyc Department of Homeless Services (dhs) salaries for job postings nationwide are 12% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Employment-focused programs and prevention services are the cornerstones of our work at DHS. We do this through providing coordinated, compassionate, high-quality services and supports.As an agency comprised of 2,000 employees, with an annual operating budget of approximately $1 billion, DHS is one of the largest organizations of its kind committed to preventing and addressing homelessness in New York City.

As it engages in this mission, DHS employs a variety of innovative strategies to help families and individuals successfully exit shelter and return to self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.Collaborating with other public agencies and nonprofit partners, DHS works to prevent homelessness before it occurs, reduce street homelessness, and assist New Yorkers in transitioning from shelter into permanent housing. Furthermore, DHS remains committed to meeting its legal mandate to provide temporary emergency shelter to those experiencing homelessness in a safe and respectful environment.DHS requires shelter clients to gain employment, connect to work supports and other public benefits, save their income, and search for housing, to better prepare for independent living.

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