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Back in January we noted the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) as a serious alternative to the traditional and digital broadcast model for consuming sports.
In sports media we often describe our industry’s evolution in terms of major paradigm shifts. Internet – Users are now able to instantly access sports content and connect with leagues, teams and players like never before. So, within this context, the big question on our mind is whether VR will join the list of technologies above and bring a paradigm shift to the sports media business.

This happened in the music and movie industries, and is a regular occurrence in live sports broadcast. While we were right concerning the first point, VR in sports might become a reality sooner than anticipated. Smith, Skip Bayless, Charissa Thompson, Erin Andrews, Mike Francesa, Katie Nolan, Keith Olbermann, Linda Cohn, Scott Van Pelt, Ryen Russillo, Rachel Nichols and, of course, Colin Cowherd -- find out who the cosmos have picked to be your sports media soulmate! These innovative methods breed new user habits, which in turn lead to numerous market opportunities.

That leads us to a number of very interesting questions as to what the impact could be on the sports industry. We've developed a fool-proof, ultra-accurate quiz to determine which member of the sports media world you were meant for.

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