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See Table 3 from The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, 2008-2009 edition for a current list of salary trends in this field. A-Rod, who has signed a pair of $250 million contracts so far in his 17-year career, made $33 million last season compared to James, who will make just 14.5 million this year in South Beach. In an update, of sorts, to the recent post about the influence of the Recession on current college graduates, Ezra Klein over at the Washington Post is letting us know that it’s actually even worse. Leaving aside the salaries (not so surprising that engineering majors make more than education or humanities majors) it’s importantly to look pretty seriously at those light green bars. The other thing is that unemployment for engineers (real ones) is ridiculously low - like 2 or 3%.
Oh, I cry a river for those who cannot handle the math or are too lazy to do the work necessary to gain the basic skills necessary to become an engineer.

Seriously, society wants nice things like running water, cars, electricity, electronics, etc., and there is enough free market justice to make compensation for engineers commensurate with what they contribute. One important thing to remember here is that it's not starting salaries for engineers, teachers, etc.
The suspect data is not the $35k for engineers, but the $55k that several commenters 'seem to remember'.
The salary data above is for students who completed a major, not an average of starting salaries. I met many certified teachers also working as substitutes for $8 per hour without benefits. Most people cannot get an engineering degree -- they don't have enough preparation for it, will not work hard enough, don't understand the math, etc.

For some fields, a course that surveys the most influential Marxist authors of the American 20th century just doesn't contribute much value.
If Bron wants to catch A-Rod in career earnings, he will need to average more than $26 million per season after his current contract until he’s 42, as seen in the chart below.
My west coast employer that I worked for 5 years ago (huge SW company) was hiring top candidates out of school for over $100K.
Not everyone who majors in, say, engineering, ends up working as an engineer for his first job.

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