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CSI Regulatory Compliance has been a trusted advisor in the compliance industry since 1998. WatchDOG Screening Solutions Using CSI’s suite of WatchDOG Elite software and other watch list screening solutions, your institution can expedite compliance and restricted-party screening requirements. Regulatory Compliance Software CSI offers a variety of bank compliance software programs your business can use to manage compliance, mitigate risk and reduce the probability of federal regulatory violations. Compliance and Security Services CSI Regulatory Compliance helps you take a proactive approach to security, mitigate and identify foreseeable risks, get training from our information security professionals and monitor regulatory changes. CSI provides an exceptional core banking system that is much better and easier to use than at other banks I have worked.

Having a strategic partner like CSI lets the bank concentrate on our daily business activities to serve our customers and grow the bank for the shareholders. About CSI CSI is a full-service financial technology provider serving customers nationwide. CSI works closely with organizations of various size, from small businesses, to large global corporations.
When you choose CSI as your compliance advisor, you can rely on our risk management software and compliance products to offer: Industry-leading technology from experienced compliance professionals The safest encryption methodology available on the market Detailed reporting options to ensure thorough audit trails Services to help your business meet OFAC and other regulatory requirements Plus, our automated compliance solutions reduce the time and expense of managing compliance and minimize your risk of non-compliance penalties.
I believe that within the next five years, CSI will increase market share and elevate to higher levels of trust and technology within the marketplace.

We understand banking regulatory compliance, and CSI prides itself in sharing this knowledge with our customers through cost-effective, advanced compliance solutions that are tailored to meet the regulations in your industry.

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