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TweetIts been about two weeks the last time I did a Freelance Designer Showcase, to show you guys some of the must creative people from around the web. In this day and age, building a decent website to promote our freelance services is a must.
Again, this seems really obvious but so many freelance websites don't actually explain what the person does. To give the opposite impression, you need to update your site regularly with new work and developing side projects.
Check out more beautiful sites created on Squarespace, and save 10% on your new site with offer code CREATIVEBLOQ15.
Being a freelancer can be extremely advantageous and is probably a dream for many designers and developers who are tired of the cubicle lifestyle. More: Check out our Guide to Freelancing series for more tips, pointers and discussions of what matters most to freelancers. Find or post a project or post on this platform to get the best bids from a gamut of skilled web designers, copywriters or freelance programmers.

A popular online portal for freelancers, this is the ultimate place to meet professionals with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at an affordable price. A house for creatives and developers of many fields to find freelance gigs from all over the world. StackOverflow is not only a solution-churning site, it also provides job listings of tech companies from all over the world. WordPress developers can find big opportunities in WPHired for a WordPress-related project, as a freelance, an intern or a full-time position. As the name suggests, this is a site where you can find jobs which you can do from the comforts of your home, or wherever you like. LocalSolo is a site to find local freelancers in many countries from a wide range of expertise including design, engineering, copywriting, photography, and even analyst. Here I have 13 Creative Freelance Web Designers , so take a look that some really well designed website and also creative and great use of colors.
Creating specifically for people who are intimidated by web building, the service allows you to put your visual ideas into practice without knowing a jot of code.

To help you with this we have listed the best 50 freelancing job sites to help you in your project search. You can apply as a freelance developer with the possibility of working with top tech companies or a cool startup. This exclusive site is known to convert creativity into lucrative services or products to promote unique ideas. Once you sign up for LinkedIn, you can start lookign for freelance jobs of your interest in the LinkedIn job board.
To apply as a freelancer in, you would need a Github account, filled with great codes and repositories, to be qualified. If you a company or individual looking to outsource or hire a freelancer, these sites will be able to serve that purpose as well.

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