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My other summer job where I worked in downtown Boston taking cover charge at a nightlife venue (ugh, don’t remind me). And make sure you read till the end where I include actual sample emails I sent to employers on Craigslist that got me the job. In your local area, or wherever you are trying to find a job, type in a key skill you’d like to use in your next job. There are ways to filter results on Craigslist based on what kind of job you’re looking for.
Typically I don’t apply to positions found on Craigslist that are more than two weeks old. There is a fair share of fishy listings on Craigslist, so you should know how to identify spam at a glance.
I have applied to jobs where I have met only half of the requirements, if the requirement list was insane. Then there are other job ads that ask you to provide a quote for your services in your application (usually per hour or per project).

Mention skills you have that their job ad has listed — especially ones that have been listed towards the top (they tend to be of more importance). In my experience, the rate of response on Craigslist is a lot higher than on other platforms.
You’re not going to hear back from everyone — but if you apply to positions in your skill bracket and put thought into the initial email, you should hear back from at least one out of every twenty jobs you apply for. Also, be aware that some of the jobs under the gigs section don’t offer a typical payment setup.
The first one below is a screen-grab of the email I sent when I got my first “technical” job.
I played up my HTML and Photoshop skills in the initial email because the job listing (which was very short) specifically referenced those two things. Again — it’s all about feeling out the job listing and what the person is looking for.
Freelancing allows you to gain experience and make some money on the side, and (as long as you use it wisely), Craigslist is a great platform to find job opportunities to do just that.

I landed one of my best clients through posting on craigslist during a dry spell years ago. Just last week I put up my first job listing on Craigslist to find some extra help on a project… and I got some awesome responses! Other job listings indicate that working remotely is okay all the time, so you’ll never have to set foot into a physical office. But often they’re at least a signal that the job isn’t professional — it could mean door-to-door sales, pyramid schemes, or other work that you don’t really want to be doing. The highest-paying job I ever had was in response to a Craigslist ad, and I use Craigslist for freelance work all the time. If the job ad has lots of exclamation points and the person writing it sounds super enthusiastic — be really enthusiastic!!!

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