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Marketing Pilgrim shared with us last week that Forrester is predicting huge long term growth for social media spending in online advertising. The true cost of a social media campaign depends on the size and reach of the campaign itself. Advertising represents a significant expense for many small business owners in the economy today.
In today’s economy, that 6% gap can represent the difference between failure and success, growth and stagnation, but the cost of that much advertising can also represent the difference between solvency and insolvency.
About GSMGolden State Marketing was founded in April, 2014 as a full-service online marketing company, providing search engine optimization, social media management and professional web design services to Bay Area businesses. They even shared this pretty graph (ok I added the commentary,)  Social media is a really small portion of the pretty chart because social media is largely free.

There is no point spending money on advertising if you are not generating quality leads and converting them into business.
Social media, newsletters, email campaigns, blogs, and simple website design can generate revenue and are free avenues of advertising available to anyone. Make no mistake, content marketing will be the dominant form of advertising going forward, and it is important to get in on it as early as possible. Social networks generally have high user usage and therefore a much larger number of page views to regular sites. Sure there is the cost of execution, but you don't pay money to be on Linkedin or Facebook. Although a good advertising strategy will vary naturally based upon the industry and the target audience, content marketing stands alone as the most cost-effective approach to consumer advertising for the foreseeable future.

Those costs are expected to go up through the end of the year, reflecting a pattern that represents a serious problem for many cash-strapped businesses. Viewed in this straightforward manner of investment return, online advertising is the best approach, far and away.

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