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If you are a people person, enjoy helping out others and solving their problems and are ready to learn about new products or services, but you would like to do it from home, check out this Convergys work-at-home review. Convergys is a call center company that that prides itself in offering its customer management services to many of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies. Unfortunately, just like any other company, there are some issues that pop up that need to be taken into consideration before going to work for Convergys.
High internet speed requirements: Since Convergys operates on a VOIP line, they do have high requirements for your internet connection. Convergys provides services to various businesses both from their call centers as well as through their home based telecommuting positions.
From there you will receive phone call from a member of the Convergys recruiter team who will help you complete your full application – there are some internet tests and additional steps that you have to complete prior to starting work with the Convergys.
If you’re someone who wants a work-at-home career option and you have the ability to not require a set schedule, then Convergys could be a great fit for you.
If you need more flexibility in your schedule, or you don’t have the experience that Convergys requires, then you will want to look into other opportunities. Since you are working as an actual employee, you will be paid just as you would at any other job.

If you are looking for a legitimate company to work for that will offer possible overtime and pay with benefits, this is a good company to work for. You seem to deal with many of the same kinds of restrictions that you would expect if you worked in a cubicle somewhere.
7 day per week availability, only a hardwired internet connection is allowed and nobody else in your house can use the internet for anything non work related. For me, all of these conditions and restrictions seems to eliminate the reasons most people would want to work from home in the first place. I had never heard of Convergys, but your review clearly explains both the pros and cons of working for them. Also, unlike most work-at-home companies, you are working as an employee and will have an immediate supervisor assigned to you.
I’ve heard that there are also technical support home positions, but have not seen one myself. They offer work-at-home positions for some of their different projects in the United States. The majority of projects available for work-at-home positions are in their sales & service and customer service departments.

While Convergys does offer a true work from home job which has a the benefit of no commute, the drawbacks outweigh the advantages for me. Of course you don’t work 7 days a week, and once they have sent you your weekly schedule, you know when you will be free. There are mixed reviews about the quality of the training – some agents have said that Convergys offers some of the best training in the business and others don’t feel that way at all. But still the fact that you may have to work weekends when everyone else is home, may prove difficult. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues who are looking for work from home jobs.

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