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Things have been relatively quiet recently concerning worker suicides over at Foxconn, but it appears our optimism might have been a premature.
NLC(Neyveli Lignite Corporation) contract worker Raja was killed at the Mine 2, when a CISF personnel opened fired following an argument with a group of workers.
Formerly valuable investments with long lasting impact, temporary workers are increasingly being seen as more short-term solutions to economic problems.

In other situations, companies will bring on more contract employees because certain projects require more man power. Making careful decisions Contract labor is becoming an important aspect of the changing economy but companies must be careful about who they hire.
Reports have been surfacing that yet another worker has fallen off a building to his death, and like the ones before him, this one is believed to be a suicide.

While the need for contract work is certainly there, companies must be careful about who it is they hire.

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