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Content marketing combined with social media and mobile devices is changing how businesses purchase products and services. To help develop your organization’s content marketing strategy, here are 6 highlights from the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report compiled by Holger Schulze.
Actionable Marketing Tip: Ensure that the content marketing budget covers all of the related content creation activities. Actionable Marketing Tip: Integrate different content creation methods into your editorial calendar.
While content marketing continues to increase in importance for B2B businesses, you must ensure that your content strategy is consistent across your organization and leverages a cross section of resources. Subscribe to receive the full text of each new actionable marketing post delivered free, five days a week to your inbox.
Generating interesting content is very time consuming so outsourcing your guest blogging efforts to a quality guest posting service saves time so is an ideal option for many companies.
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A generalist role like Digital Marketing Specialist may require a skill set that includes experience with content marketing, analytics, SEO, PPC, and social media.
Perhaps the most interesting results are for “social media marketing,” which had only one social media-focused role in its top five job titles, three generalist positions, and one non-marketing role (Recruiter).
Since few roles would actually have “Google Analytics” in the title, it’s not surprising that the top job titles for that search are so varied. The extreme volume of social media job listings doesn’t necessarily reflect a huge number of social media focused roles. Job ads containing “digital marketing” or “inbound marketing” were a distant second, with 19.5% of the search volume. Looking at how much certain jobs have grown in recent years is a good indicator of which skills are most in demand. Job listings containing “social media marketing” or “social media management” have seen significant recent growth in addition to some staggered growth in the last several years. Between 2009 and 2015, the number of Indeed job listings that mention “digital marketing” or “inbound marketing” grew by about 867%. Other than a large spike around 2008 (shortly after the second version of Google Analytics was released), job listings for “Google Analytics” have maintained the same search volume.
The number of PPC job listings peaked in 2012 and decreased by about 55% as of January 2015.

Employers may have to compromise on their job requirements or look for more junior talent for hard-to-fill roles. These numbers changed a bit when looking at keywords within the job title, as opposed to anywhere in the job listing. Although social media skills are the most prevalent in job listings, they also have less value than the other skills analyzed in the study. Employers having difficulty finding the right candidates for inbound roles should consider solutions such as less stringent job requirements. Be sure to read the full study for additional data, including which states have the most inbound job opportunities.
A traditional publishing organizational structure falls short, whereas a traditional marketing organizational structure doesn’t work either. First Person Publishing is a content development company that has been working with writers, editors, researchers, illustrators, animators and Emmy award-winning video production companies for over 2 decades, consistently producing engaging, entertaining and educational content in all formats, for all platforms and on any budget. As the Heath brothers preach in Made to Stick, people remember stories not facts since they provide context that enhances their understanding and memorability. Since the goal of content marketing is to remove objections and persuade prospects to purchase, you’re seeking a response. I believe that our content marketing strategies should not only target to have traffic or profit, but also the keep our customers loyal. Of the 20 most popular job titles within that data set, most job descriptions called for a broad range of marketing skills.
Even the SEO Specialist job ads were looking for skills beyond SEO, including content marketing and PPC. While you might expect to see a majority of specialist roles for these search queries such as Social Media Manager or PPC Specialist, most of the job titles are for generalist roles such as Digital Marketing Manager. The inclusion of Recruiter within the top five suggests that the need for social media skills extends beyond the marketing department. Domeyer cautions employers to not go overboard with listing too many requirements in job descriptions, which can deter good candidates from applying. The graphs below show the percentage of job listings containing certain keywords based on historical data from Indeed. Wanted Analytics recently reported that Marketing Manager is one of the hardest roles to fill, with only two available candidates per job listing. Notice that the salaries for “SEO,” “content marketing,” and "Google Analytics" increased when the keyword was in the job title.

There is a growing number of inbound jobs and a growing number of marketers with inbound skills.
Content needs to work with SEO to make sure you’ll take advantage of search engines and improve your discoverability. The structure needs to be flat, with someone (Chief Content Officer, Content Strategist, CMO) who sits atop to make sure your machine is running smoothly and positions you to attain your goals – and the goal of content marketing is to move your target audience to a profitable action. Corporate marketing is responsible for the content marketing budget 56% of the time while CEOs are responsible for the budget 35% of the time. Actionable Marketing Tip: Create appropriate marketing personas and related social media buyer personas to help your content creators better target your content. Actionable Marketing Tip: Leverage the power of your organization’s stories, particularly those related to using your products and services, putting them in context for customers. Actionable Marketing Tip: Incorporate a relevant call-to-action to encourage prospects to take the next step in the purchase process. Having a surface-level understanding of several other marketing disciplines in addition to deep expertise in one area can give job seekers a competitive edge. It’s senseless to market content as a one off and if you head down this road, be prepared to begin with a strategy that will include frequency by platform.
Operations also need to be involved, possibly to take responsibility for formatting the content for a particular platform, but certainly for Digital Asset Management and storage related workflows. While about a third of CEOs or owners and about a fifth of sales organizations set content marketing strategy. Actionable Marketing Tip: Leverage the power of your entire staff to create effective content. Actionable Marketing Tip: Develop your content marketing strategy internally to ensure that its aligned with your business objectives and brand. Also, centralize content marketing strategy across your business to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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