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The study participants were questioned about social media monitoring for business and they ranged from small firms to global ones, and also included government agencies and nonprofits. 65 percent of respondents said said lack of time was the number-one reason they didn’t monitor social media.
When Spiral16 first jumped into the fray of social media monitoring back in 2007 (as the technology was still developing), there were few companies doing what we do.

While building and constantly improving our social media monitoring tool, though, what we found out is this: People are always pressed for time.
There are a ton of different ways that companies can apply web and social media data to their businesses. In that way, we’ve gone beyond merely offering a platform for companies to monitor social media and the Internet, and moved towards becoming a full-service solution.

If you just want to use the Spiral16 web monitoring and research platform, you will also get full support and hands-on customer service from our analytics team.

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