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Average Community Relations Manager salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Community Relations Manager salaries for job postings nationwide.
Ed Walsh, currently the Lincoln Center's Veterans and Community Relations Manager, is a Marine Corps veteran and was deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. One business strategy is for single brands to shift to a marketplace strategy, thereby enabling a community of buyers and sellers around them to gain on a brand platform. Savvy companies know that branded, online communities are shifting to thriving online marketplaces. Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, in celebration of saluting this important role changing the face of corporations and customers everywhere, I wanted to share original data and insights on the state of the space. Altimeter Group conducted analysis of 30 global job descriptions of Community Managers to ascertain patterns on job requirements and skills. Long time friend, Marshall Kirkpatrick (RWW, now entrepreneur) provided me data on influential community managers in Twitter. Community Managers followed the following folks, who are mostly providing services, resources, information and guidance to other community managers.
The following are the most followed social software vendor corporate accounts (not personal accounts, like Maria) of the top 500 Community Managers.
Summary: As the broader category of Social Business continues to proliferate around the globe, these day to day business programs will be staffed, run, and managed by Community Managers serving on the front line with customers, employees, and partners. Many a companies, and their agency partners, may dive headfirst into passion communities without first bothering to plan.

Companies that step back, analyze the situation, the develop key relationships are examples of these scenarios.
WOMMA now offers training for Community Managers who worked with TheCR to develop a training program for Community Managers. In closing, this is a brief breakdown of engaging with passion communities, but kindly leave a comment if you’ve further resources, recommendations, or expereiences.
To meet the needs listed above, a group of very talented and experienced community professionals have teamed up with Womma to launch a certificate program with Community Roundtable and ComBlu, to aid education and standards across the industry. For over a decade, with simple BBS systems to community platforms, support communities haven’t undergone much innovation. Despite the many opportunities for innovation of communities, first and foremost, the sanctity of the community members must not be broken. This is a high-intensity group, containing members that pose opportunities to engage with influencers, but also risks of brands being unable to manage in a scalable manner.
Often, communities have existed before your brand, and may also exist if your brand ceased to exist.
Third party web hosts (forums, communities, user groups) may have a business model around the community that may stem from ads, education, cross-selling services, sponsorships, or lead generation activities.
Once you’ve built a set of agreements with the website owner, be prepared to enter the community, but be clear on goals. Although Community Managers are often social creatures, they could be working in a vaccum, and may be missing out on greater training or perspective.

These branded communities are offered by companies and encourage members to self-support each other, or the company will support them directly. Support communities won’t just be a cost-center, we should expect to see new forms of value that meet the needs of the community members themselves, the brand, and the partners.
System integrators, consultants, and other vendors who have services to offer community members will want to offer training, webinars, or other campaigns. Taking a nod from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, someday, support communities will offer platforms that will enable the members to create new applications, tools, and even products within the context of the community.
Community platforms will connect to CRM systems identify upsell, crosssell, and underserved accounts, increasing the efficiency of support.
There are support communities in existence all around the web (see Get Satisfaction, UserVoice or even a customer created community).
Here are the most followed (thereby highest potential of Influence) Community Managers followed by their peers. Prime examples are the thousands of Vehicle model specific communities, based on cars no longer in production.
Once you get past the listen and learn part, start commenting and adding value to the discussions happening in the community — not as an authority; just as a participant.

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