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For new communities, a Community Manager must help create the community and build it from the ground up. This week, we learned about the importance of scaling and how it will be beneficial to the future success of your community. There are lots of positions for community managers, and for those that are interested, the hardest part can be knowing what’s the best fit for you. If you’re serious about taking a community manager role, you should already know that community management is not social media. Since we’re starting with you, let’s use Vadim Lavrusik’s blog post, “10 Tips for Aspiring Community Managers” as a jumping off point. This is the most important tip of all because if you aren’t a member of your community and truly engaged in it, you wont be successful as a community manager. In an article by Erin Bury, the typical job responsibilities of a community manager are listed.
In addition to having the skills, it’s also important that you have the right attitude and work ethic for the community management position. Bury does a great job of outlining the different skills necessary to be a good community manager. Engage Online and Off – the more I research and learn, the more I find this important, especially for an aspiring community manager.
When trying to grow or maintain your community, it is essential to provide your audience with unique opportunities to interact with your brand. Social media and community managers seem to be closely affiliated; however, their roles are drastically different. Online community managers take on a role that can be tied more closely to product management and customer service, with a little bit of sales as well.
For most companies, social media itself is enough – there is no need for a larger online community. On the other hand, high complexity markets and complex usage markets need to develop an online community (according to The Community Roundtable’s article). If you’ve decided that building a community via social media the way to go, there are a few things you should know to help you get started.
If you’re trying to build an online community platform separate from social media, Stephanie Gehman has produced a nice article that looks at the approach that JetBlue has taken towards developing their community. There are typically two supervisory positions at apartment and condominium properties: the overall property manager (sometimes referred to as the community manager) and the property service manager.
The community manager (or property manager) functions as the general manager for an apartment complex, supervising other personnel at the location. The property service manager typically reports directly to the community manager and oversees all aspects of operations related to maintenance, repair and facility improvement work. For you existing community & social media managers, try Sprout Social free for 30-days. There are other important keywords associated with social media managers that help flesh out the scope of their role: team, support, engagement, execution, manage, opportunities, and (of course) social.
This is a fantastic opportunity for a skilled and ambitious Social Media and Community Manager to join Aeon’s office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Once your community is growing out of your own reach, you have to start looking to your community members for help.

Your community members should become ambassadors of the community, and you can rely on them to post content as well as moderate it.
In only a few short months, I feel as though I am prepared to step into the world of Community Management–or at least prepared enough to test the water. It’s incredibly important to listen to the conversations between members in your community.
This is yet another sign that this company probably doesn’t know what community management is really about. Yes, you should have a good grasp on how to fit them into an overall community management strategy, but it should not be your job to manage social media accounts. If you want an idea of what a Community Manager’s job is going to be like, read through Erin Bury’s blog post, “Community Manager Job Description, A Definitive Guide.” Bury goes into a lot of detail about what you can expect (content creation, social media marketing, event planning, PR, customer relations, marketing, analytics and business development) and what people who need a CM are looking for. Be an Expert, Love your Company and be the Community’s Advocate: Before you start as a Community Manager for a company you should be well-versed in everything they do and you should like the company and product. Administrative: Create a community email address that your ambassadors have access too that can allow multiple people to access. But students are flooding from colleges after graduation to potential employers in an effort to get hired as a community manager.
With all these wonderful topics we have discussed, it is a great idea to wrap up the semester discussing some last tips for aspiring community managers and potential jobs and the job outlook for community managers or social media managers. It’s obviously crucial to engage online with the community, but it is also very important to engage offline. Comments, blogger outreach, and ambassador programs are all paths through which a CM can better connect with the community.
Some companies need to have a community outside of social media, while others would simply be wasting their time and money. An article by The Community Roundtable, titled “Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management,” uses Sharpie pens as an example of a low complexity market.
Everyone wants to feel like they are important and valued by the people he or she works or volunteers for; but not only that, not everyone in your community would be a good ambassador. Reviewing job descriptions for both of these roles can be helpful if you're responsible for hiring personnel for a complex or property management firm, or if you're considering applying for work in one of these roles.
In some companies, this position reports directly to the property's owner while in others the reporting structure goes to a regional vice president based in a corporate office or management firm.
Similar to every other form of communication out there, it is important to arm your business with a smart, nimble team to ensure every inbound message and outbound opportunity is addressed.
Darryl was able to get his start in social media management by developing a social presence for himself first.
This reinforces the theory that most community managers are focused on engaging with new users in order to grow the overall brand community.
Sales experience is not a necessity, but it doesn't hurt to have customer interaction as a skill set given that Community Managers will be engaging many people! You will be the public face of Aeon, responsible for managing our social media channels and fostering our community of readers, writers and thinkers.
It’s exciting when your community becomes successful, but sometimes it means that the CM responsibilities become too much to handle. Starting a community is about going the extra mile to be personable and make relationships.

This is how you’ll gain feedback that can be used to make changes that will better your company or community.
If you’re an aspiring Community Manager, you should be confident that your potential employer knows what Community Management is and is utilizing it the right way. A common misconception of community managers is that they sit on Facebook and Twitter all day and read tweets. While this person might not be a community manager, I can definitely see how crucial it is to have knowledge of the product and company.
When we had the last panel, Topher, a community manager at Google discussed how having community manager hangouts and different meet ups have really influenced him and the people he has met in these hang outs have become his mentors. Even worse, it might force you into becoming that community manager that wakes up the next morning with a total social media meltdown on your hands. Meeting up not only improve your communication skills, but it can also build long-lasting relationships.
They are the ones who care about this community just as much as you do and who will help you prioritize. Show your employer that you care about the community, because if you can be a part of it, you can manage it.
And in these markets, the price point is much higher – meaning that the business model supports this type of community engagement.
The members get the sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that they are an influential part of the community, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that the weight is being lifted from your shoulders. The best bosses and managers have employees that love them because they’re strong communicators and get their message across. Bringing together a ton of different content from different platforms and making sense of it is another reason why community managers need to stay organized. Such a high dependence on social media has led to an increase in the need for a community manager, or someone to cultivate communities around products, brands, and services. When looking for a job as a community manager, it’s important to know what to look out for.
A community manager is very important to the brand, and in my opinion, if you don’t know the ins and outs of the product or organization, it can be a big disadvantage.
Every day could be different for a community manager, and that is something I have learned in this class. The business is all about storytelling, which is why strong communications stills are so important. Being prepared by having numerous skill sets is a plus because like already stated, you never know a skill that could come in handy when you’re engaging with your community! This also extends to writing, being a good writer will help you when it comes to responding to your community members.

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