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You can sit down for an hour or two and create a bunch of visuals all at once that you can then share (or schedule) to your website or social media channels over time. JUHLi SELBy is an award-winning social media specialist & founder of a social media training company in Victoria BC, Canada. I love using Trello for this – but you could use another tool like Evernote or one of the many other note taking apps you can add to your smartphone.

Each social channel has it’s own culture – you can be more silly on Facebook, where LinkedIn is more serious. One feature I love in PicMonkey is the ability to use your own fonts from your computer – so you can match your brand font(s). She shows clients how to use social media marketing effectively - to build relationships online that will lead to sales.

If in doubt as to what type of content is acceptable for a specific social network – look to see what others are sharing – and what is getting engagement in the form of likes, comments or shares.

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