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With the subway system designed to funnel people in and out of Manhattan, New Yorkers rely on bus service to take them to these new jobs. The shoddy state of bus service to New York’s new jobs is a major obstacle to economic opportunity.
To help connect New Yorkers with the new jobs, the Center for an Urban Future suggests a serious investment in bus rapid transit. That means building out the city’s 19 identified candidates for a second phase of Select Bus Service but also adding to that plan in important ways.
To make a robust, citywide BRT system a reality, however, the politics of transit need to change.

The MTA would operate rail services on their own rails, coordinating the two, and the City of New York would operate bus services on its streets, coordinating the two. While Midtown and Lower Manhattan remain job centers without peer, more and more of the city’s jobs are located outside of the central business districts.
Getting union leadership on board is a major missing piece in this puzzle, but at the same time, union leadership shouldn’t be told that transportation is a key piece in New York City.
More importantly, perhaps, it calls for adapting that plan to the realities of New York’s new job centers. And BRT won’t be rolled out citywide if local leaders, like those who killed the Queens Merrick Boulevard SBS route, continue to fight against it.

That means longer waits and worse service for many New Yorkers, especially for low- and middle-income workers, according to a new report from the Center for an Urban Future.
The problem is particularly acute among low-income New Yorkers, whose homes and jobs are more likely to be in transit-poor neighborhoods and who can’t afford to drive.

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