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As the role of content marketing comes of age and matures, marketing agencies have to figure out the best channels for their content and gain the greatest ROI. When you decide to do social media, you have to consider which social platforms would be the best for your business.
You'll find industry news, marketing tips, and information about new projects we're working on. For those of us in the internet marketing world, specifically search engine optimization, we tend to shake at our keyboards when we hear about a new Google Penguin (or Panda) update.

Many companies have added the platform as one of the ways to accomplish social media marketing. For even more tips, info, and news, click on the icons below and you'll find a plethora of tips, tricks and news on Chicago Graphic Design, Chicago Web Design and Chicago Internet Marketing. Well, not every social platform is going to be great for your business; some will suit you better than others. As a marketing firm, we have seen plenty of examples of bad content marketing from businesses.

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