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We were handling all the machine divisions of Mitsubishi for 14 years and, during that time, the client decided to create a consumable products group out of their EDM division. Sales had been lost on the wire, guides, ceramic heads and other components, plus many machines were malfunctioning in the market, owing to poor quality knock-offs. We prepared the ad campaign, the PR campaign, the trade show booth materials, the dealer solicitation campaign, the targeted end user direct mailing campaign and more to support this new group.
Today, the group is very successful, allowing Mitsubishi to capture more of their market sales opportunity and profit there from. The client revolutionized their product category (air spacer for insulating glass in windows) by taking a simple roll formed product, laser welding the butt seam and thus creating the strength of an extrusion, while allowing the product to breathe.
We created the ad campaign, the PR campaign, a product sample direct mailing, booth presentation and sales support materials. Today, the client is the undisputed leader in their market, Laserman is still used and the sales have exploded worldwide for the client.
We created the name, the ad campaign, the PR campaign, the demo units, the field sales materials including video, the product sample mailings and the case history developments to tout the successful implementation of the product.

Wyckoff Advertising produces ads for a wide variety of clients in a variety of media, all with an eye towards RESULTS. An email ad is, to us, another form of advertising that uses the very same principles as print. Billboards, trade show exhibits, signage all designed and produced by Wyckoff Advertising in Wheaton, Illinois (near Chicago). Optimized websites built from the ground up in Chicago to attract, sell and keep customers. A carefully managed AdWords campaign can more than double your web exposure and lead to greater sales. At Wyckoff Advertising in Wheaton, Illinois, near Chciago, commercial photography has been a tradition since 1949.
On-location industrial and commercial photography by a seasoned professional using the latest equipment and techniques.
Branding is the art of positioning a company or a product in the marketplace with a consistent, memorable and persuasive message, both visual and written.

We have been producing catalogs and brochures from 8 to 72 pages for over 30 years here at Wyckoff Advertising.
Through research worldwide, they formed an alliance with a developer of corrugated nylon conduit and compatible molded connectors. This resulted in substantial reductions of NVH on brakes, interiors and other vehicle applications, as well as measurable improvements in acoustics on computer hard drives, various appliances and other enclosures. We will walk you through the steps necessary for an ad campaign to be successful, including eye-catching design, consistency, theme, and frequency. Our printers are the best in the business and when we job the printing, we absolutely stand behind the work, the price, the delivery schedule and all the other hundreds of details that go along with a major printing job. It can encompass everything from an iconic photo (see the swirling oil photo at left - which took a lot of oil to perfect) to logo design (or re-design), tagline writing, product placement, trade show booth messages, advertising messages, packaging look, sign design, large scale graphics and much more.

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