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Nowhere is this issue more pertinent right now than on Facebook’s $1bn acquisition Instagram, which still does not feature advertising anywhere on the network. In fact, the problem is even greater than that, as celebrities and brands seek to use the popular platform for their own ad deals, and cut out the Facebook middleman. A recent example of this is Nicole Richie sending an ad for a Unilever hair product direct to her 750, 000 Instagram followers in a post marked as an ad and linking to a microsite of videos relating to the Suave hair product.
In the UK this is going to become an issue for the Advertising Standards Authority, which has growing experience with social media ads.

By not building a revenue stream into Instagram from the early on, Facebook have left itself open to this kind of campaign being run by celebrities and brands who have a large following in their own right. It’s product placement for the digital age, and we can expect to see a lot more this in the future, perhaps with some clearer guidelines.
They tweeted a series of uncharacteristic messages before delivering the “you are not yourself when you’re hungry” punchline and picture of them holding a Snickers. Price had, naturally, signed a lucrative exclusive deal for the pictures and had asked guests not to share their own personal snaps.

In highly visual, sharing networks, brands do not require an official advertising network or tool, and can simply create content and take a DIY approach to promotion.

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