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I originally had an appointment with another steaming company but after reading their terrible Yelp reviews, I decided to cancel and schedule with Monster; I'm so happy I did!
Please keep your comments on topic to the article -- Any comments posted with embedded links leading to questionable infected sites outside MonsterCollege will be removed and the poster's account will be banned from MonsterCollege. Just my luck, I moved from San Antonio to Houston because I was told that Houston was the best in Texas for entry-level jobs.

The beauty of this review is that I get to tell you how the original cleaning job by Monster Steamer has held up since Dec 2014 (8 months ago) when I last had the carpets cleaned. The first thing I noticed when Ludo (owner of Monster Steamer) was done cleaning my carpets is that they were nearly dry before he even left the house. Monster Steamer starts with a fair price, then gives you MORE than your money's worth by taking longer and doing the job with more care.

If not for the great service they provide which generates return customers great Yelp reviews, Monster Steamer would not stay in business, much less or have the amazing 5-star rating that they have earned on Yelp.

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