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Walmart is a all American superstore for all your daily needs from food to gardening tools. Below we will show you how to apply for Walmart jobs online from the comfort of your computer screen and explain the benefits of working for the company.
Representatives from Walmart speak to job seekers at a career fair at Cleveland State University on March 4. Walmart is plowing through its global responsibility goals, cutting down on plastic waste, improving energy efficiency in factories, and reshaping the crop diversity of entire U.S.

When Walmart inevitably moves into cities like New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (all places where it wants to expand this year), its cheapskate policies could actually lower the local average wages. According to UC Berkeley's report, Walmart employees earn 14.5 percent less than other workers in large retail companies. So come on, Walmart: It's time to believe that being good to your workers is as important as making clean energy. That is a lot of money, unless you're Walmart, in which case it's just 1% of your overall annual $305 billion in sales.

According to a new report (.pdf file) from the University of California, Berkeley, Walmart could significantly raise the wages of its employees without affecting its low prices. Even if Walmart passed on the entire burden of the wage increase to customers, it would only average out to a cost increase of 46 cents per shopping trip.

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