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Whether you’re a current college student, a prospective student, or a recent graduate, you know that your educational choices – where you go to school and what you study – have a big impact on your future career.
And we just added some new features: You can now explore alumni careers based on what they studied, their top skills, and how you are connected on LinkedIn. Your education and internships are the fundamental building blocks of your career and your future. All the graphs are interactive, just click on the bars to drill down to the specific careers most interesting to you. LinkedIn can help you make informed decisions at each critical educational and career milestone.

Use the Alumni tool to see which schools place graduates in careers most aligned with your professional goals.
Use the Alumni tool to find graduates of your school – and with your major – who work there now. Use the Alumni tool for powerful, personalized insights about the career possibilities based on your educational choices. Compare the careers of graduates from different majors using the “What they studied” facets. Click on their names to see the career paths they took from school to their current position.

Check it out in the Alumni tool – you might be surprised at the range of career opportunities out there, and the creative ways people with that major have applied their learning.

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