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However, there are actually a slew of different career options available in the hunting industry that you might not ever think of if you give up too quickly. Be warned upfront that the hunting blog community is fairly crowded at the moment – significantly more so than it was five or seven years ago. Aspiring photographers or videographers who want to focus on the hunting realm will likely follow a similar career path to hunting bloggers, only their art will focus on the visual aspects of the sport rather than the written. There are a lot of amateur hunting photographers or videographers out there who simply film themselves or their hunts for posterity or self-improvement. Most hunters never envision themselves working on the scientific side of things, but careers in wildlife biology are actually some of the most secure and essential jobs in the hunting industry. From state and federal natural resource departments to non-profit wildlife conservation organizations, wildlife biologists are always and will always be key cogs in the hunting machine. Believe it or not, land specialist is actually a completely different career than property consultant or wildlife biologist.
Private guides essentially take hunters to areas where they can be successful, give them tips and strategies for hunting the animal at hand, and make sure no one gets hurt or endangers their lives. You don’t necessarily have to live in an exotic hunting area to be a private guide, either.

There’s a lot of money to be made in the hunting outfitting industry, and there are ways that you can be a part of that scene without working behind a retail counter. Advertising and marketing for hunting outfitters is huge, and with the Internet changing the way society buys and sells products, the industry is going to need smart and innovative people who can balance a passion for hunting with a knowledge of the web and technology. The need for talented marketers in the hunting industry goes beyond outfitters and retailers as well.
Working in the hunting industry is the dream for most of us, but it’s not all shotguns and trophy hunts.
Hunting is a sport that changes with the region: the terrain, the game, the laws, they’re all different and if you’re going to work in the hunting industry, you need to know about hunting in all of those.
You will pick up new hunting buddies in areas you’d never dream you be hunting and you’ll meet, what I believe to be, the coolest consumers in any industry, and that will make it all worth it. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t get to do their hunting between the hours of nine and five Monday through Friday. For this reason, many passionate hunters more or less dismiss their aspirations to work in the hunting industry right away, figuring that this sport is more of hobby than a job. However, if you write well, love hunting, and have a bit of marketing or web development experience, becoming a hunting blogger might be the best way to combine your talents and interests into a career.

Hunters are always looking online for helpful tips and involving stories, and a blogger who provides those things will slowly build a following and become a trusted authority on all things hunting. If you want to be a professional hunting photographer or videographer, however, you are going to have to work to set yourself apart from the amateurs. From there, you could go in a number of different directions, from establishing yourself as a documentarian to founding a business where you help others capture their hunting experiences. Land specialists are essentially the real estate agents of the hunting industry, assisting hunters in finding, buying, or selling properties for hunting purposes. On the contrary, anywhere with a great hunting reputation will draw out-of-staters, and tourists often like the convenience of a guided or pre-packaged hunting experience because it gives them the best chance of landing a trophy.
After entering the industry, I was out there for the millions of consumers that use my company’s products. Maybe it means that some of my hunts will be more about business than pleasure…but it’s still hunting.

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