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The report also states the top five careers of the future in Georgia will be mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, welder, machinist, and computer numerical control operator, according to the report.
Employers also have trouble finding potential workers who can pass background screenings and drug tests, according to the report related to the Governor’s High Demand Career Initiative. Some comments from business leaders that were included in the report may explain why Georgia’s unemployed are finding it so difficult to get a job. The next steps for the High Demand Career Initiative involve an ongoing collaboration between industry and government to ensure that Georgia’s education system is offering skills that will help people get and keep jobs. Pratt & Whitney collaborating with Muscogee County’s school district and Columbus Technical College to bring in high school interns.
A number of companies near Savannah creating the Maritime Logistics Education Taskforce, which now links high school interns with companies that often hire the students after graduation. On the government side, Deal has proposed the state Legislature agree to expand financial aid available to students enrolled in technical colleges in some high demand training programs. The governor also proposed that the state’s Board of Education allow computer programming credits to count toward requirements for math, science and foreign language. She notes that the federal growth forecasts are a couple of years old, and some fields are undergoing rapid change. 1 attribute that business leaders say will they want in their employees is the ability to collaborate, according to a report to Gov. Bureau of Labor Statistics says Georgia continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

Deal also has asked the Board of Regents to count those credits for admission to its institutions.
Be on the lookout for emerging opportunities, especially those that involve Internet skills. Physician assistant - The economy may be down, but people still get sick and need to go to the doctor. Medical equipment repair - As medical equipment uses more complex technology, there are more parts that can malfunction - and more need for repair technicians.
The salaries listed are median, annual salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing. It is the product of a series of listening sessions held around the state since Deal formed the initiative in January and called for it to be led by the Georgia Department of Economic Development, University System of Georgia, and the Technical College System of Georgia.
Here are the careers that are forecast for strong growth over the next decade, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics projections through 2016.
With the cost of education soaring, we asked our experts to focus primarily on careers you can get started in without a four-year degree.
As the population continues to age, healthcare fields will continue to see strong growth, says Ryan. There are hugely successful, massive, multiplayer online role-playing games, casual games to play on computers, PDAs and cell phones, as well as games for Xbox, Nintendo and other proprietary game systems. While the traditional advertising industry may be shrinking right now, online skills are in demand, she says.

As new types of scans are invented, and become covered by insurance, the demand for trained imaging technicians will continue to grow. Georgia’s unemployment rate was dropping more slowly than most other states in the south, according to the report. Some database administrators get started with just a two-year degree - and if you enjoy computer programming, this is one of the best-paid areas in computer tech. If you're a game nut, consider learning how to create games to cash in on this trend as the gaming industry tend to offer jobs that are fun and pay good money.
The BLS says technicians can get started with a one-year certificate or two-year associate degree.
Deal announces winners of teaching contest funded by Obama’s education initiative, Race to the TopNew report on education funding provides context for claims by Deal, Carter in campaign for governorColumn: Gov.
The majority of physician assistants complete a two-year master's degree course and need to pass a certification exam. Then, they assist doctors in hospitals and clinics or in rural areas they may provide care if a doctor isn't always available.

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