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The growth of business and expansion of commercial activities in recent years has resulted in the demand of specialists in each and every sphere of company’s activities. A company secretary is one who is responsible for efficient management of the corporate sector and act as an advisor in legal matter. More importantly, the appointment of a company secretary is made mandatory by a company having paid-up capital of 50 lakhs under the companies Act.The importance of a Company Secretary can also be gauged from the fact that a company seeking listing un the stock exchanges are mandatorily needed to appoint a company secretary. A Company Secretary can aspire to get employment opportunities in government accounts as well as in law departments. Company Secretariship is a well remunerated career option because of its multifaceted nature.
The Institute of Company Secretary of India is the only recognized and professional institute to conduct and regulate the course of company secretary. After successful completion of the above courses, the individual undergoes practical training to become a member of the Institute of the Company Secretaries of India after which he is considered as a Professional Member of the ICSI and is also issued a membership number.

As mentioned before, the prospects of a company secretary in today’s day and age are limitless if you know how to play to your strengths.
He facilitates the proper coordination of various departments in the company and ensures the timely and proper compliance of all company legislations. Most of the qualified company secretaries can find well-paid positions in the public sector and corporate sector, banks and financial institutions, stock exchanges, company law boards and government departments. To become a professional company secretary in India, individual must pass the following examinations conducted by the ICSI. Further he advises the directors of the company on the various statutory requirements and also looks after various administrative functions apart from taking care of the finance, accounts, legal, and personnel aspects in some cases. Exposure to detailed study and practical training in various fields adds to versatility of a company secretary. Company secretaries are appointed in any company which has a minimum share capital of Rs 50 lakh.

You need to ensure that the company is following all regulations and mandates imposed on it by the government. You may start off with the position of a junior secretarial officer, but if you play your cards right, you can aspire to become the managing director or even a part of the board of directors of a company. Small firms usually employ company secretaries on retainership basis for professional advice and support e.g.

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