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Many associate degree jobs have a short payback timeframe of only two years due to a high median salary and a substantially lower tuition rate than a bachelor’s degree. Community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools and some four-year schools offer associate’s degrees. You can launch a career with two years or less of higher education and even make more money than workers with a four-year bachelor’s degree.
Architectural technician: Architects may get all the glory, but they wouldn’t get very far without the architectural technicians.
Cardiac Catheterization Technician: Doctors perform the diagnosing and direct interaction with patients, but the cardiac catheterization technicians test and operate the equipment and systems which test patients for diagnostic purposes.
Cardiopulmonary Technologist: A cardiopulmonary technologist, a vital part of any cardiopulmonary team, works directly with patients and doctors to manage or resolve cardiopulmonary irregularities. Cardiovascular Technologist: Many professionals work together to help people with heart and other cardiovascular problems, including cardiovascular technologists. Community service specialist: Although community service specialists work in a large variety of organizations, one aspect of the job is always the same – they work directly with people, creating and fostering relationships between their business and others.
Dental hygienist: It’s possible to make a significant difference in someone’s life via their teeth and mouth without having to endure eight years of dental school. Diagnostic medical sonographer: Diagnostic medical sonographers work directly with patients as well as senior medical staff. Dietetic technician: While working alongside a dietician, a dietetic technician works with clients on a variety of dietary issues and may create meal plans to accommodate specific dietary goals or restrictions.
Electro-mechanical technician: Electro-mechanical technicians, the Ironmen of the electrical and mechanical fields, regularly work with a variety of tools on large electrical and hydraulic machines on vessels such as oil rigs and submarines.
Environmental engineering technician: The environment has one more reason to hope for a cleaner and healthier future with each new environmental engineering technician who enters the field.

Special education assistant: Working with children of special needs is a highly challenging, yet highly rewarding career.
Veterinary technician: When people bring their pet into a veterinary office, they’re usually seeking someone to offer them comfort, educate them about their pet’s ailment, and provide information on how to provide their pet with a high quality of life.
Some of the jobs in the list don’t require an associate’s degree, but having one provides an edge on the competition. Allergy technicians perform tasks ranging from paperwork, to blood draws, to interactions with patients.
Cardiovascular physical therapy assistants work under the direction of cardiovascular physical therapists to help patients recover from or live with respiratory issues such as asthma or infections, or even prepare for respiratory-related surgeries. Cardiovascular technologists assist physicians and cardiologists in procedures and with analysing test results related to heart and blood vessels. Civil engineering technicians greatly contribute to our success as a society through working with civil engineers in planning and creating necessary structures ranging from buildings, to bridges, to sewage systems. Computer maintenance technicians are the individuals business employees turn to help with computer-related problems, as computer network technicians build, trouble-shoot, and maintain computer and hardware systems. Computer support specialists work directly with people to find a fast and efficient solution to a computer problem.
A customer service supervisor oversees customer service representatives as well as works with upper management to help set and reach company goals.
These individuals carry out plans developed by environmental engineers with the intention of bettering the environment.
A family service assistant performs nanny-like duties by helping with childcare as well as pitching in heavily with the housecleaning. Fitness instructors may lead group fitness activities or work with individuals on reaching specific health goals.

Food service managers deal with everything from customer relations, to food quality, to staff management.
Greenhouse managers also oversee the greenhouse staff and regularly interact with customers to answer specific questions and accommodate requests. They offer genuine care, assistance, and education of available community services and benefits for people truly in a time of need.
Library technicians get to work with books daily, organizing, shelving, and even recommending books to library visitors. Physical therapist assistants work with patients on exercise plans physical therapists design for each patient.
Radiation therapists provide radiation treatments for patients with cancer with the aim of diminishing cancer cells and eliminating cancerous tumors.
Social service assistants work with other professionals, such as psychologists and social workers, to help counsel clients, locate relevant local services, and maintain a client’s record, regularly checking in with them. Special education assistants work directly with the students with everything from schoolwork to daily living skills and exercises.
Common duties of a medical assistant range from paperwork, to collecting medical history from patients, to helping with some medical procedures.

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