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Narrowing down the options was tough, but we’ve managed to put together a list of five of the top jobs for biology majors.
What They Do: The detectives of medicine, medical scientists are responsible for all of the research that goes into the science of human health. Salary: Though there’s some variation, the median annual wage for medical scientists is about $77,000.
Demand: Like many jobs for biology majors, the demand for medical scientists is high and shows no signs of slowing down. What They Do: Working primarily in labs, microbiologists study life at its smallest, most basic form. What They Do: Like medical scientists, biomedical engineers focus on the healthcare angle of biology.
Demand: In terms of demand, biomedical engineering is one of the best jobs for biology majors. Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level positions, but a graduate degree will earn you higher pay. What They Do: Through extensive laboratory work, biological technicians help to produce tangible results from medical scientists’ research and product designs.
Salary: With an annual salary of about $39,000, biological technicians make less than most other jobs for biology majors.

Demand: Though demand is lower than it is for scientists, biological technicians are crucial and always needed.
Prerequisites: You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in biology, as well as plenty of experience working in a lab. While many biology majors interested in the medical field go on to get graduate and doctorate degrees, becoming physicians, nurses or bioresearchers, several positions in the working world of medicine require only an undergraduate degree.
Physical TherapyWhile it takes extra training to be a physical therapist, biology majors can assist in the duties of the therapist in a private practice or clinic setting.
Medical Laboratory TechnologistLaboratory technologists handle and test specimens, report test results, and maintain test records, looking for patterns to help doctors make accurate patient diagnoses.
Medical AssistantMedical assistants work in doctors' offices, usually taking care of administrative details such as appointment scheduling, medical records, billing, and coding for insurance requirements.
The Houston Chronicle is the premier local news provider for the country's 4th largest city. With good salaries and above average growth, these biology major jobs can lead to a long, successful career. The importance of this work makes medical scientists one of the most crucial jobs for biology majors.
These careers don't pay as much to start, but they provide medical experience and a starting point for a career whether or not graduates pursue further education.

Biology majors can prepare the patients, observe and take notes for the patient's records while the therapist makes a diagnosis, and deal with follow-up appointments. These positions are frequently a stepping point to further education for biology majors, who may advance to clinical research coordinators or laboratory scientists. She has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Connecticut. If you’re interested in the study of life, you’ll be able to find plenty of in demand careers. Biology majors work in labs, hospitals and clinics in various capacities, and their contributions gives them a valued place in their organizations.
As a biology major gains experience in the lab, she can move up to the position of clinical lab scientist or physician's assistant, which pull in more money.

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