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Networking is connecting with people who can give you tips, advice, and contacts related to your job search. The Career Advisory Network (CAN), operated and maintained by the BU Alumni Association, allows you to contact alums who have volunteered to speak to students about their careers.
From internships and job postings to employer networking events to career expos, don’t miss out on these campus opportunities.
There are generally two ways you can use these sites: search for jobs or post your resume in the hopes that employers find you.

If you’re considering temporary employment as a way to explore careers, agencies can be a good choice.
Experience has shown that professional networking provides a rich source of career leads and information about unadvertised opportunities.
These job lists can be a good source if you are looking for a very specific type of position or career field. When searching locally, check out all your area papers, including the smaller, community weeklies. legal jobs atlanta
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