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Commander: William will be flying the East Anglian Air Ambulance for at least two years from the spring, responding to urgent 999 callsWhile the air ambulance service is a charity, its pilots come from Bond Air Services, a private company with whom the prince will sign his employment contract. The couple have made no secret of the fact that they want more children, following the birth of son George just over a year ago, and William’s new career will offer them the chance to bring them up outside the goldfish bowl of full-time royal life.Asked about the effect the move will have on the number of duties Kate takes on, a palace spokesman made clear that there would be no rise in her workload. Initially he will be employed as a co-pilot but, after his period of training, will be qualified as a helicopter commander. Visit the ASVAB Program website to find out about career exploration and planning tools that can help you find a career that’s right for you. Guidance Aviation was founded in 1998 with one helicopter and John Stonecipher working as the sole instructor pilot and employee.

The Miss Guided Soap Box Team started the race by showing all Red Bull fans how emergency medical services (EMS) helicopter pilots save lives. Last week we were celebrating the new career start of Wes Carter who is now flying a Channel 4 News helicopter. Established in 1998, Guidance Aviation is an FAA approved Part 141 helicopter pilot training organization providing the best training, most advanced technology, and unique career opportunities. With schools in Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our academics, flight operations, ground schools, aircraft maintenance divisions, and safety team leaders are the most well educated and highly experienced aviation and educational professionals in the helicopter industry. The Duke expects to do a fair bit of commuting.’William will begin training for his Air Transport Pilot’s Licence (helicopter) in September, which is estimated to take a minimum of five months to complete – although sources have suggested it may well drag on into early summer.

The Duke of Cambridge will train as an air ambulance pilot before taking up a full time role next yearA typical busy shift is likely to involve between four and five call-outs, working alongside other emergency services.William will be part of a small rotating crew that includes a pilot, co-pilot, doctor and paramedic. According to a statement from Helicentre, the Cabri’s success as a training helicopter has been immense.
This time, it is an EMS (emergency medical services) helicopter flown by our own CJ Schnieder III.

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