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As a student, you may feel worry and confused with what you will become in the future, because after you have finished your school and college, then you have to get a job. Taking Journalism and Mass Communication as your major is something that could be interesting for you who like reporting, writing articles or news, presenting news and so on. The career prospects that you may have in the future after taking this Journalism and Mass Communication study program are such as editing, reporting, advertising, media management, public relations, corporate communication, television and film production, news presenter, and other related jobs. Posts related to Career Prospect for Journalism and Mass CommunicationCollege and University to Get Better Knowledge and Abilities at SomethingFinding out that you are interested in certain major of study is actually great.
Qualifications in journalism and mass communication offer employment opportunities in the media and publishing industries in addition to public relations and advertising. JournalismJournalists work for newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasters and online publishers. PublishingPublishing offers mass communication graduates career opportunities in book publishing, authors’ agencies or university and professional institute publishing operations.
AdvertisingThe advertising industry uses mass communication techniques to persuade customers and prospects to buy products or services. Public RelationsLike advertising specialists, public relations professionals use mass communication techniques to manage an organization’s reputation with the media, customers, stockholders and employees.
Wages and OutlookWages and job outlook vary across the sector, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Currently the nation's sixth-largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle is a multimedia company publishing print and online products in English and Spanish that reach millions of people each month.
A professional course in mass communication opens doors for a career in films & TV, publishing etc.
The world has witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and media.
Chandigarh University the leading university in Punjab and North India, is endowed with a faculty panel prominent for its business experience and academic credentials. Journalism and Mass Communication Program at Chandigarh University (CU), Punjab is having primary objective to create professionals of a thrilling and creative career in media and entertainment industry. Journalism and mass communication graduates work nationwide and worldwide at newspapers and magazines and in advertising, branding, broadcast news, marketing, media research, photojournalism, publication design, public relations, radio, and other areas. Value addition in terms of Education and raising my bar for placements in terms of top ranked companies & salary package could have been possible due to practical-learning approach at CU. CU is not just a university; it is the epitome of learning where students fulfil their dreams, overcome fears and weaknesses to step into the world as smart and confident professionals. In Chandigarh University, faculty members identify the innate capabilities and talents of the students and polish them with their expertise, making students corporate ready even before they graduate. Microsoft is the world’s leading Software MNC and every computer science engineer’s ultimate work destination.
After moving to Chandigarh University, I found myself in a totally new environment which encouraged learning and thinking. Words are not going to be enough to express my gratitude towards the faculty and administration of Chandigarh University.
The course work here is carefully designed to suit the needs of emerging global markets and industries and the well calculated balance between academics and extra-curricular activities helps in carving the leaders for tomorrow. My tenure has been enriching and soulful, and numerous extra-curricular activites balanced with academics have helped in my overall development.
CU provides an excellent learning platform for young students along with bridging the gap between talent and opportunities.
Chandigarh University provides practical oriented learning approach that helps in understanding the latest and emerging trends available in particular stream. Chandigarh University provides ample opportunities to explore new ideas and work on innovative projects so that we are able to implement the learning of our subjects. The transparent examination and evaluation process at CU is unmatchable with any other university as answer sheets are shown in person to every students so that they are able to check their performance & learn from their mistake. We are the only unit at Iowa that specializes in teaching professional communication concepts, strategies, and skills.

With a dedicated internship and job placement office, the majority of SJMC students graduate immediately into a job.
In addition, the many extracurricular student organizations contribute to the professional experience cultivated at the SJMC, and a variety of visiting speakers provide real-world insight to students, faculty, and the entire campus. Mass Communication is the study of mass media including all kinds of mass media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, films, television, and others.
Those industries look for core skills in conveying information through mass communication techniques.
Copy editors select stories for publication and edit journalists’ copy for style, accuracy and legal compliance.
Acquisitions editors source manuscripts for publication in books, academic papers and digital content, working with authors or their agents. Some public relations specialists work in companies as a public relations director or manager, head of public affairs, communications manager or press officer. You'll find them practicing strategic communication as they work in advertising, public relations, marketing, and in areas such as health care, politics, gaming, and entertainment. Chandigarh University is offering Undergraduate Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication program in its Media School.
Over the past few years, more and more graduates have found their first jobs in online social media. Personal attention by experienced faculty and emphasis on lab work makes Chandigarh University class apart from other institutions.
I attribute my success during campus placements to hard work Bourne by my faculty and Training & Placement department at CU.
14.4 lacs and that too before completing my education was a fairy tale for me when I was doing diploma.
The values inculcated in me by at CU would help me immensely in Corporate and Personal life.
In the three years I've been in CU, I have had numerous opportunities to grow and better myself. When I look back now, I realize how Chandigarh University helped me to shape my personality, infused self-confidence and made me ready to face the professional world.
Faculty at University has helped me gather and understand topics beyond the scope of syllabus that has helped me during campus placements.
Microsoft choose only 5 Universities all over India for campus placements under their GTSC program and Chandigarh University was the only campus selected for placement process in North India. The faculty and peer groups helped me overcome my reservations against being in a new region and now I look forward to a period of professional learning & personal growth. The friendly atmosphere helped me overcome by apprehensions and through the presence of numerous opportunities, I found myself on the right professional course. Innovative teaching methodologies and experienced faculty lead to strong foundation of subject basics which are help full during campus placements.
Coming from a different social background, the administration, faculty, and students greeted me with warmth & love, thus making the adjustment process relatively quick and easy. The faculty here is particularly knowledg-able and guide us through the path of thinking that leads to innovation which further enlighten us about various career opportunities that are in demand by multinational companies.
The academic set up here is not restricted to cramming and encourages us to think out of the box. At UI-SJMC students will explore and learn about multimedia communication such as media writing, video production, social media, and new technologies changing the face of global media today. SJMC undergraduate majors and graduate students receive more than $310,000 in scholarships and awards every year, making the value of a journalism and mass communication degree both professionally and personally rewarding.
Check out our latest additions: Social Media Today, and a certificate program in Philanthropy and Fundraising Communication.
The graduates from this major study can work in many fields of work such as news and media publishing, public relations, and research institutes.
For the Journalism and Mass Communication, the strongest reason is coming from its prospect.

People who succeed typically have good writing and presentation skills, the ability to collaborate with other members of a team and an understanding of the technology used in their industry.
In larger organizations, senior editors take responsibility for developing editorial policy and selecting stories for publications, managing a team of copy editors to handle detailed editing. Copy editors prepare manuscripts for publication, checking them for accuracy and ensuring that the text complies with the publisher’s house style.
Others work in public relations firms as consultants, account managers and account directors, advising clients on public relations strategy. They report and write about all kinds of news and information in today’s rapidly expanding communications media. I got opportunity to sit for placement drives of Samsung, Jindal Steel and Tata Power and finally got selected by one of them. I am grateful to all the faculty members and mentors at University for being so supportive.” CU has truly been ranked as Asia's fastest growing university and I am proud to be one of its students. I attended plenty of conferences and workshops among which has developed me as a thorough professional. Experiential learning and constant mentoring by subject expert has given me an opportunity to learn, practice and explore new dimensions of emerging technologies. The training provided to the students to prepare for selection process is the best and helped me in gaining self-confidence and winner during the company selection process. All the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in CU family have been a great help and a strong support.
Apart from the unconventional academic setup, a wide spectrum of extra curricular activities continues to engage and enlighten us. Our courses integrate the development of professional skills with the theoretical consideration of the role of media in society and a strong foundation of ethics.
Before deciding which major that you want to take, it is better for you to look for any information about the career prospect of that major. Since nowadays information and news are something that is so important, it makes many information sources highly increased from newspaper, magazine, television report, and so on. Through education, everyone will get the better knowledge even specific knowledge, and build their skill.
They may write copy and select media for the advertisements themselves, or they may work with an external advertising agency. Public relations also offers opportunities for journalists with an interest in business or finance to write press releases, case studies and feature articles on behalf of clients.
The need for communication specialists in almost every company, institution, and organization provides endless possibilities for the profession. State-of-the-art infrastructure and learning new technologies is what Chandigarh University stands for.
This place has immensely added to my persona and I will always cherish the memories I shared with this place.
Therefore, this Journalism program is specially designed to make you have a quite lot of job opportunities in mass media and communication field such as print, internet, radio, television and corporate communication. Because of the increase number of these information fields, the prospect of journalist is endless. In advertising agencies, account executives and account directors work with clients, providing advice on advertising strategy and managing campaigns on behalf of clients.
One of the favorite majors that usually students want to take as their concentration is in Journalism and Mass Communication study program.
The information media is not always about finance and economic, but it has quite diverse fields such as politics, culture, investigation, sport and so on for newspaper or magazine and also the radio or television.

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