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NerdWallet’s Jobs in Demand study shows with just 2 years of school, you can earn 40% more and pay back your tuition in 2 years. A new year brings new opportunity, and there is no better time to take those first steps towards a better future by returning to school and pursuing a new career. We created this study to provide detailed analysis on high growth jobs to help those seeking a career change. LinuxCareer's IT Skills Watch tracks IT skills demand leaning towards the Linux and Unix environment and reports the IT skills that are required by employers seeking Linux talent.

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Therefore, in order to identify the most popular group of IT skills in terms of demand, we have decided on tracking the frequency of appearance of two or more skills, from each of 10 groups, in Linux job ads.The percentage of job ads satisfying our criterion for each of 10 identified groups of IT skills is reported in the pie chart[6] below. The first group of skills was categorized as the winner group of IT skills based on the highest demand. The winner set of IT skills is also identified, which suggests the most popular, in terms of demand, IT qualification.

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