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Obtaining a skilled Canadian job offer and a positive LMIA can get you to Canada quickly but it can also be a significant benefit to staying here permanently, under the Express Entry program. Steps 3 and 4 are the steps that Canadim can assist you with when applying for your work permit.
My name is Batool, I am a Canadian daughter of your client Ghalya and I want to say many thanks to Ms.
My heartfelt gratitude to CANADIM for helping me obtain my Canadian Immigrant Visa, not only for me, but for the whole family (family of 5). Workers who come to Canada can enjoy higher salaries for the same types of jobs they are doing now.

Although we offer a Canadian job search toolbar to assist our clients, we do not actively secure employment for our clients and we are not a recruiting agency. With a great workers’ rights record and options to stay here permanently, Canada is an ideal destination for the worlds’ best and brightest. We work with you and your Canadian employer to get you here to Canada quickly and painlessly. May God continue to shower you and the entire Canadim team with more success and good health. I would 100% recommend the law firm to anyone who wants professional advice to apply for Canadian Immigration.

That is why we are pleased to offer our clients a job search toolbar to help you find your dream job in Canada.

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