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As a smart business owner, you need to keep your competitive advantage in mind constantly; it should be ingrained in your strategy, and evident on all fronts. Social media is now one of the most effective ways for you to communicate with your customers, and provides some great opportunities for relaying your competitive advantage to your audience. In fact, you may want to promote social media as the preferred means of communication when it comes to customer service.
Not only does storytelling show the human side to your business; it adds a higher level of trust.
Sharing your story provides a great competitive advantage that big businesses simply can’t compete with. Small businesses have the ability to be much more flexible and responsive than their larger counterparts. Since social media is so direct and accessible to consumers, small businesses now have the ability to listen closely to what is being said about them. Often, your target market can be your best business analyst and a source of valuable feedback.
Kevin Gaertner is Co-Owner of Cyclone Strategies, a creative digital marketing agency which helps small businesses create and implement online marketing strategies. Kevin GaertnerKevin Gaertner is Co-Owner of Cyclone Strategies, a creative digital marketing agency which helps small businesses create and implement online marketing strategies. AboutFounded in 2006, BIG Marketing for Small Business is a leading small business marketing resource that provides common and uncommon ideas to help small businesses connect BIG with their customers. Running a multi-channel social business program , even for a small company, can be a huge investment in time and resources, as many as 500 per year.

Running a multi-channel social business program, even for a small company, can be a huge investment in time and resources, as many as 500 per year.
Adam Metz is the Director of Social Business at The Pedowitz Group, a social demand generation firm.
Many tools exist that allow a busy business owner to pre-schedule their social media messages on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Pinterest. Providing something unique and valuable to consumers is the reason most of us started a business in the first place, and positively differentiating yourself from larger, more established competitors can really help you gain a competitive advantage.
Social media allows you to respond to consumers quickly and directly if they have any questions or concerns. If this becomes the standard, they can come to expect a high level of attentiveness from your business, and trust that you are there for them in all regards. As we all know, great customer service is usually hard to find in big stores, and personal connections lead people to love and trust small businesses.
It helps create transparency and assure customers that you are in business for all the right reasons. Making them aware that you are always open to this type of communication via social media makes you much more likely to receive feedback and suggestions. Social media certainly facilitates the communication, but it is up to you as a business manager or owner to utilize it and make the needed changes.
In order to continue using your business’ size as an advantage you need to keep the communication going. This is an equally important part of marketing online, making sure that your business can adapt and take advantage of any opportunities out there.

And for larger companies, social media teams of 40 to 50 full time employees are not uncommon. Obviously, you’re going for current and prospective customers, but now, you have some data on where they are and which social tools will best reach them.
Put a premium on all measurements that can be automatically determined by your social media monitoring system. He is also the author of social strategy book There Is No Secret Sauce and the forthcoming book on social business, The Social Customer. For many small businesses, the web has become the primary means of connecting with customers, and it is important to leverage this. Use this to your advantage, because when it comes to social media, individual attention to customers is something many big firms can’t keep up with. By highlighting that your business is personal and human, consumers get a more clear and honest view of your operation.
Today, other than speaking face to face with customers, social media has become one of the best ways to stay in touch. Breaking news and tragedy can make your pre-scheduled posts and tweets look clueless at best, and could make your business seem insensitive.
This type of data helps us understand what is working and make the necessary adjustments to fully optimize your search marketing campaigns.Search Engine Friendly Web DesignIt’s great to have a pretty web site but if customers and search engines can’t find it, you don’t stand a chance of meeting your business goals.

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