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In 2012, five different social networks staked their claim as the most important platforms in this entire space – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. But, if you’re new to social marketing, taking on all of these channels at once would be a mistake. This infographic takes a closer look at small business and social media, providing an overview of the five main services, need to know terms and seven tips for getting started.
There have been numerous reports predicting 2012 will be the year of social business, and the increasing popularity of ‘digital transformation’ services touted by management consulting firms would appear to support this theory. The real gains will be made where companies aggregate social and collaboration tools in the places where people already spend their time, such as email or the mobile client, without making workers change their daily work habits.
Looking at other business trends in 2012, I also envisage that mobile IT will grow slowly in the enterprise. My final insight into what 2012 has to offer is that we will see a significant new player in the public social networking space emerge. There’s no argument that organisations want, and some really do need, to embrace the social business ethos that’s envisaged will accelerate efficiency and generate value for all stakeholders. Before we know how do we use the social networks for business growth, let us have a first look at why do businesses these days prefer the use of social networks for their purpose. Some of the ways by which you may use social networking for the spread of your business can be given as below. Ning: This is a paid service and you may build up your own social networking website through it. Facebook Fan Page: This is the most widely used social networking facet for business purposes.

YouTube: Video sharing of specific activities and functionality related to your business will definitely help.
Thus, go ahead and fulfill your wish or a good business growth by taking full advantage of social networking.
About usIts Simple - You have a business , we have an expert team dedicated to help your business succeed online. While you can make a good case for the inclusion of other social networks such as Instagram and Reddit, brands looking to get started in social media should absolutely concentrate on the top five. But take their advice with a pinch of salt as most of these changes operate on a rip-and-replace model, asking companies to take a major leap of faith by dumping their existing communication and collaboration tools in favour of the latest, greatest social business paradigm. This evolutionary approach to social business adoption will trump ‘rip and replace’ methodologies that peddle a totally new work paradigm. The inundation of information from more and more collaboration and social channels, delivered on a multitude of devices, will continue to erode our ability to tune into the world around us.
It's where over 2,000 inspirational business leaders use logic, evidence and an actual demonstration of technology to impart invaluable information and win support.
Businesses will make use of social networks to initiate conversations directly with the interested consumers.
Today, many business owners choose to advertise through social networking platforms to promote their businesses or services. Let us help you develop an effective social media profiling solution, tailored to honing in on your prospective clients. After completing a undergraduate degree in Physics, advanced studies in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in Marketing, David co-founded Business Layers, an identity management company, serving as VP Marketing and Product Strategy from its inception until the company's successful sale five years later.

With more and more social media outlets coming up these days, the role of social network in the lives of consumers is immerse.
We say better because the reach through social networks is much more than what could possible be done through mouth marketing.
Since many people are connected to this social networking site you can use that advantage to promote your business. If you own a business, the best thing to do is follow, and be followed by interesting and influential people in your niche. Some reasons why people join this networking site are because they want to be found, or they want to look for someone to hire, or they are trying to get in touch with someone. Thought some of the businesses do know this fact and are taking the full advantage of it, yet there are others who still shun the use of social network for business purpose.
You can also post pictures that are relevant to your business niche and make them creative to catch the attention of your followers.
He is also pursuing advanced studies in STS (Science, Technology, and Society) - focusing on the research of online behaviors.

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