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According to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report , 67% of marketers plan to increase their use of social media channels including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. If you’re having a tough time convincing your team that social media needs to be integrated into your marketing plan, then counter any concerns with these responses to common social media objections. What’s important is to understand your social media goals and objectives and how they tie into your overall company goals.
Remember, what you measure will tie into the goals and objectives of your social media strategy.
Improve brand presence across social channels—The measurement goal here is an increase in the number of followers on Twitter, number of fans on Facebook, number of comments, number of times your brand is mentioned in blogs and forums and so on.
When it comes to measuring social media, it takes a multitude of metrics as well as trending reports to get a sense of what to improve.
As you dive deeper into the never-ending pool of social media, you’ll quickly understand what works and what doesn’t.
I think a good step to include in every social media strategy is how you plan to brand yourself in social media networks. For relatively new businesses however, they would have to find a way to be heard above the social media noise.
I would just want to be sure that those attempting to write a comprehensive strategy understand that they should watch, listen and learn about all platforms…Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to start with.
I tend to think that many wait to jump into social media because there is so much going on at once. Strategy is everything if you are thinking about seriously using social media to develop your business.
I’m a big believer in jumping into social media with a strategy so this topic came naturally.

Social Media has become one of the most aggressive ways to promote your site or business, recruiting increasing back links, more attention, resulting in additional website traffic. Another tip would be to customize the message to suit the social networking site and keeping in mind the target audience. Hi Nick – I would agree with a few of your steps regarding social media strategy but disagree with some others. The rest of your steps are without question steps that should be included but a social media strategy needs to be even more detailed.
3 – have an idea session, a place where clients can formulate ideas and stories, the true building blocks of social media.
Everybody in the organization owns Social Media, and their culture must change to support this new marketing.
While social tools and initiatives have been around for good bit of time, questions consistently arise around integrating social into marketing and operational efforts. With the general ambiguity around policies and processes, social is still a open area for many marketers and organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. A pretty strong statement, it should be the spirit in which all social options are evaluated. So I’ve decided to look at some case studies and gain some facts on what many of the showcase implementations in social were trying to achieve for their business. While this shows a marketing view, there should be a support view, a sales view, a product view and alike to drive toward the goal of the business and any given department or program may or may not deploy social tactics. I'll repeat this over and over again: You need a business strategy, not a social strategy!
When he isn't collaborating or consulting on marketing strategies, you can find him on the tennis court.

Many tend to think of it as a job, but instead of looking at it as a strategy comprised of tools to engage your audience. I agree that Social Media is definitely a long term commitment that provide value and useful information to the reader.The 7 key points are very useful to consider when doing your strategy. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a regular occurrence for social media strategists. Social media can waste a lot of valuable time if you don’t have goals and objectives.
Who is the correct audience, and what times of day are they focused on interacting with social media.
Unfortunately too many Silos in businesses, leadership is critical to set the tone for everyone.
I found it helpful to start with the organization’s key marketing objectives and develop social media strategies to support those.
You need to constantly be monitoring and adjusting you strategy to obtain the goals you want.
It leaves a confused community, incoherent communication strategy, and a content that’s like a meatball sundae.

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