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While social media appears to be ideally made for budget conscious, small business marketing, the reality is that social media can be a resource hog. This explains why social media strategy topped over half of small businesses’ list of marketing challenges according to Constant Contact’s Small Business Pulse Research from December 2012. Without time to examine the options available, many small businesses aren’t necessarily selecting the optimal social media platforms for their firm. The omission of blogs is surprising and may be attributable to the fact that many companies consider it content marketing, not social media.
To ensure that your small business social media activities makes efficient use of your resources, here are five tactics to help build your strategy.
Social media can be highly effective for small businesses and can even level the playing field. And since you’re going to be creating social media content, you’d better make a good job of it. But there are lots of types of social media post that will resonate with your customers, showing you’re a business that understands them and has its finger on the pulse. If something good is happening in your business – new premises, an award, a new product launch etc.

Every industry has issues that negatively affect businesses and their customers – be it piracy, fraud, shoddy practices or something else. While Facebook can be effective for consumer-oriented businesses and not-for-profits seeking to engage a mass audience, it’s not ideal for every business.
It needs two posts per week according to Hubspot to yield most of the lead generation effectiveness of posting every day. As part of the tracking, businesses should look at the time they save via social, as they work more collaboratively but more importantly, overall shifts to the business. I think social media is more about building relationships with clients, not selling to clients. Because having an awful Facebook business page is even more off-putting than not having one at all.
If you dislike social media, there’s a good chance it’s because you tried it once before and got nowhere.
A new law that affects your customers, a new trend receiving mass media coverage, things like that. Find a video that’s entertaining and relevant to your business – preferably one that hasn’t already gone viral, because we’re trying to keep things fresh here – and share it via social media.

Pretty soon you’ll have a social media feed that appeals to many different people and gets lots of responses. We love working with clients of all sizes in a range of industry sectors, creating and implementing inspiring and hard working concepts and campaigns for business-business and business-consumer clients. Further, beyond creating the posts and distributing them, blogs don’t require constant engagement like other social media venues. These social networks offer participants a fire hose of information that requires consistent, daily interaction to build brand awareness, prospect and customer relationships.
Determine your social media measures during your planning phase to ensure that you can capture activity.
Actionable Social Media Tip: Plan out your social media engagement along with your promotions and content marketing. If these celeb stories are at all related to what you do, channel your inner tabloid and post about it.

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